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Schedule for Finalising your Book Provision

Under the terms of the agreement, John Smith’s/Kortext will ensure that all print, electronic and bespoke content is available for students to access fourteen days before teaching begins in Semesters A and B. For print titles, this means that the print copies must be available for distribution and, for electronic titles, the required content must be ready to be accessed and downloaded.

In order to enable John Smith’s/Kortext to deliver the books promptly and maximize student satisfaction, we need to adhere to a strict schedule. This allows sufficient time if you wish to change the books you are providing, or if John Smith’s/Kortext experience any problems in supply and need to suggest an alternative book title for your consideration.


Table outlining the schedule for direct book provision
The table outlines the schedule for direct book provision in Semester A and Semester B
Schedule for Direct book ProvisionSemester ASemester B
Confirm the initial quote received from John Smith’s Kortext and inform the Library By the last Friday in July By the last Friday in October
Provide John Smith’s/Kortext with finalized information - Title, edition, format, module information and student numbers, level of subsidy and preferred payment model One week later One week later
Confirm the finalized quote with John Smith’s/Kortext Two weeks later Two weeks later
Last date for John Smith’s/Kortext to notify QMUL regarding any unavailable titles and to suggest substitute titles Three weeks later Three weeks later
Last opportunity to confirm changes of requested titles By Monday before Welcome Week By Monday of the last week of Semester A
Document the financial transaction involved and the agreed percentage of subsidy provided by your school for the books and materials you are providing. Inform the Library of the final cost of the order and instruct John Smith’s/Kortext to invoice the Library for the total amount By Monday of Welcome Week By Fridayy of the last week of Semester A
Schools and John Smith’s/Kortext to communicate to students the arrangement for purchasing the books, including information about vouchers, access codes and smart cards. This might be done prior to students arriving on site and should explain the titles included in the deal, the price, the subsidy provided by the school and the mechanism for purchase. By Monday of Welcome Week By Friday of the last week of Semester A
Library to request re-imbursement from the School for the final cost of the order, via a journal transfer on the Agresso Finance System. By Reading Week Semester B By Reading Week Semester B