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School of Law

Panpailin, QMUL Law Student

 Panpailin, QMUL Law Student

Queen Mary University of London is full of opportunities for invaluable experiences if you are willing to take them!

Academic experience and opportunities

The academic tutors are there to support your learning if you should have any questions. I found that lectures are a broad introduction to a topic and tutorial questions are there to consolidate your knowledge of each topic - especially since you are always free to ask questions about issues you do not understand, or about interesting points from further reading. There are also formative assignments with great feedback so you can improve your grade for the exam. Furthermore, tutors circulate career opportunities via email so you will never be out of the loop. I find that this system works well for me.

There are many law-related societies including Lawyers without Borders, Law Society, and Aspiring Solicitors. I personally joined the Pro Bono Human Rights Committee, where I had the opportunity to organise workshops with Amnesty International. I am also very involved with the Mooting Society. I was a quarterfinalist in last year’s George Hinde Moot and have since gone on to compete in the Oxford University Press and Inns of Court College of Advocacy Moot as well as the Irish National Moot. These experiences have increased my confidence, broadened my legal knowledge, and forged valuable connections.

Outside of the Law School, I have participated in QConsult. This is a student advice centre for businesses and charities. I was assigned to Thames Water; my role included elements of research, analysis and recommendation. I refined my research skills and, in that process, gained insight into the needs of the fast-paced business world. It is an excellent opportunity not only to hone the skills above, but also to showcase them. This is especially important due to the emphasis firms tend to put on commercial awareness.

All of these opportunities contain a multitude of transferable skills that will make me more employable.

Student life experience

Student life is one of the best aspects about Queen Mary for me. As a campus university, everything is located in one area so it is really convenient. I can go from the gym to the library and to class in a matter of minutes. There are also many cafés where you can relax or study on campus which always provide decently priced food. This was especially great for me in the first year, since I lived on campus. As a result of living so close together, I have made lifelong friends with people who lived there with me, both in my course and outside. Furthermore, there are always events happening– for example, I met many new friends in Frat & Brat, a table tennis and beer pong event, that happens on Tuesday evenings.

Both the people in my course, and in other courses, are very diverse. This means that I can interact with new cultures and meet people with completely different life experiences from me. At the same time, there are societies for your specific country. I personally joined the Thai society and go to their events often. There are also other societies and opportunities that let you meet new people. For instance, I have volunteered with with a team from Queen Mary at the Hackney Winter Shelter Project. Not only do I get to meet new people, but I have also never felt homesick or lonely here.

As a very active person, I am always looking for sports societies as well. I joined the Table Tennis and Swimming team, so I get to practice each respective sport at least two or three times a week depending on how much reading I have to complete. Queen Mary is also situated near Regent’s Canal and that leads to Victoria Park, which is a beautiful place to run when the weather is sunny.


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