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Jamie, Senior Status Programme

 Jamie, Senior Status Programme

I previously completed my Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and a Certificate in Legal Studies prior to commencing the Senior Status Programme at Queen Mary University of London. Queen Mary has allowed me to continue pursuing my passion for Criminal Law and Correctional Practice through a variety of academic opportunities.

During the first year of the Senior Status Programme you will study the core principles of law and learn the skills required to critically analyse and apply legal documents. There is a tutorial for each of the modules, which facilitates group learning and enhances your understanding of core concepts and case law. Tutorial groups remain consistent throughout your first year, which allows you to get to know a core group of students. This is beneficial when it comes to independent group study, as you become familiar with other students in the Senior Status Programme. Lecturers and Tutorial Leaders are good resources when it comes to weekly tutorial preparation, exam preparation and essay writing. They can be contacted by email, but also hold weekly sessions where you can come in and ask questions about the module material. I frequently met with tutors in order to clarify core concepts and to ensure that I had a proper understanding of the material that we had discussed in lectures and tutorials.

There are many ways to supplement your academic learning through involvement in extracurricular activities. I was involved in the George Hinde Mooting Competition, where I was able to develop my legal research skills and advocacy. This opportunity allowed me to engage with module material in a new way and enhanced my understanding of key legal principles throughout English Law. Mooting allowed me to review the module material that we were learning in lectures and tutorials, which ultimately benefited my module assessments throughout the term.


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