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Georgios, Final Year LLB Law in Practice Student

 Georgios, Final Year LLB Law in Practice Student

I’m in the final year of my undergraduate law degree at QMUL. I chose to study at Queen Mary because of its reputation and location in the city of London. Also, it has a campus element and a community feel. It offered a really good UG law degree.

I was in the first year that QMUL offered an industry placement as part of the degree programme. It was really interesting because no other university in the UK offers a year in practice and its been a real highlight for me. It’s better than taking a gap year because I got 8 months of experience with Reed Smith and it counted towards both my studies and my future. Because I got this practical experience and I already had the theorietical base from my first two years, I really feel that the combination has given me an advantage, both academically and personally. I’m part of the Student Union and have a really strong sense of community here. Also, the way that the course is structured and broken down into lectures and tutorials is really engaging – they really push student participiation.

The community and Student Union within QMUL is very strong and it has given me the opportunity to be a part of a variety of extra-curricular activities, such as taking part in modern UN conferences.

I recommend other students to grasp the academic opportunities that QMUL offer. For example, workshops on essay writing. The law department consistently send you material that will assist you with your studies, but you must actively engage with them. Also, there are several societies that you can join, from academic groups, to social groups. During your first year, I would recommend getting involved with as many of these as you can because it’s great for networking and building important relationships.

My 8 month experience has definitely enhanced my employability, but I was also offered a training contract with Reed Smith. I have ongoing communication with them and I get invited to networking events, as well as the opportunity to volunteer and help other students. Next, I plan to do a 1 year Legal Practise Course, (LPC) which is a combination of a business masters degree and is required by the law firm that offered me a training contract. After this, I will start my training to become a qualified solicitor.


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