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Preparing for your Year Abroad

Kajal Kandeth, Third Year Law Student studying in Spain: I have been given the fantastic opportunity to go abroad and study law in Spanish!


I have just finished my second year, and I'm currently preparing for my year abroad in Madrid, which will start in September.

I chose to apply to QMUL’s English and European law programme because I studied Spanish at A-level and I have unfortunately not had the chance to use the skills I acquired; I wanted an opportunity to improve my language skills, learn Spanish legal terminology and learn more about Spanish culture.

Choosing where to go on your year abroad can be quite difficult. I would recommend speaking to students who have previously been on the scheme, and I would not limit your search to QMUL Law students; other subjects at Queen Mary have similar programmes, as do other universities and there are many Facebook pages out there dedicated to Erasmus+.

I would be prepared for paperwork, the majority of which needs to be completed during the summer before the year abroad. The main focus is on filling in the learning agreement, which is where you choose your modules for the forthcoming year. My advice once again would be to speak to students who have already been through the process. You will also have to hand in information for the Erasmus+ grant, so be prepared!

If your language skills have become a bit rusty, signing up online to a scheme like Tandem Exchange, where you have a language buddy, is a great way to pick up new phrases and meet someone new in your host city.

Start planning where you want to live quite quickly. There are usually websites which offer information on the best areas to live for students, and the average prices for each area. Here is an example:



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