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School of Law

New blog series documents the journey of a law student at QMUL

Humerah Al-Hadad's new blog series offers an insider view of what it's like to be a law student at QMUL!


Prospective students at Open Day"This is your new chapter, and you can make it how you want"

Profound advice from my sister on results day as I started looking up Law at Queen Mary, trying to scour the internet for any additional information I could find. That is the girl I am imagining when I write these blogs, I'm writing for the new students (hello!) who want to know a bit more about university life, and how we all managed to survive our first year!

Pitching this idea to the staff at QMUL was almost as daunting as walking through the East Gate for the first time. However, the feelings and the excitement that you feel now aren’t just limited to starting university - it happens when you walk into a law firm for the first time, or walking across the stage on your graduation day praying you don’t fall flat on your face (due to the heels you know are very impractical but look good nonetheless). But if there's one bit of advice you take away from this is that those feelings should act as an adrenaline rush, they should push you to want to explore the unknown just a little more.

Throughout my first year, I was amazed at how much people knew about the legal sector, and the types of work experience they had. Though it seems somewhat egotistical, coming from a school were you were labelled the nerd who knew everything to a university where that standard of work was commonplace was difficult for me. This is where I realised that what I had always assumed to be an even playing field was in fact anything but that. Asymmetric information means that a high proportion of students do not have access or awareness about schemes and opportunities that will both benefit their personal and professional development.

As a Law student you will quickly come to find the copious amounts of blogs and sites which talk about career progression and '10 things to do in an interview', but I wanted to create something a little more personal - something which does show the ups and downs of applying for firms and going through the degree itself. From my perspective, the legal sector pays a lot of attention to success and ambition, and whilst that is motivational and a good source of information, there is not enough information on how to deal with the lower points when you do question if this is the right career for you.

These fortnightly articles will attempt to provide a little guidance and insight into your first year – with a little help from some of the awesome friends I’ve made over the course of this year, I hope to provide something which enriches your time here at QMUL!

Thank you very much for reading this introductory post, and I’m very excited to go on this journey with all of you!



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