School of Law

QM Pro Bono Society

The Queen Mary Pro Bono Society (QMPBS) has the primary focus of increasing access to justice and understanding of the law. They seek to engage members by providing volunteering, fundraising and networking opportunities.

Our students can also get involved with Pro Bono work through the Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre.

What can members get involved with?

Members participate in a range of activities such as volunteering and fundraising for the Whitechapel Mission and Holy Cross Centre; assisting solicitors from City law firms at free legal advice clinics; organising second hand book sales, supporting environmental projects such as The African Solar Cooperative and FIELD, and working on the society’s newspaper The Advocate.

Our opportunities focus on increasing access to justice both at home and abroad. We aim to give legal support to the less fortunate in our immediate community by going into local schools and community centres to help spread awareness about topical issues.

We’ve created an internship with Refuge, a domestic violence charity and another with Amicus-ALJ, a charity that helps provide representation for those facing the death penalty in the USA. We also use our funding to offer subsidised placements in Singapore, Australia, India, Ghana, South Africa and Cyprus which involve providing legal advice to prison inmates, documenting country profiles and carrying out legal research.

What is The Advocate?

The Advocate is the Pro Bono Society’s newspaper, providing a platform for students to express their views on legal issues and engage with current events. It is read by some of the top law firms and chambers in the City, many of whom are featured in the newspaper and are involved with QMPBS’s other projects.

What does The African Solar Cooperative do?

The African Solar Cooperative (ASC) was founded by students in the Pro Bono society and is an initiative that provides a safe and sustainable source of electricity through solar panels to residents of Ghana's largest slum. So far, they have electrified 32 different community buildings and employed 20 people to maintain the solar panels and sell solar products, generating an income and empowering women and men living in difficult conditions.

The International Placements department within QMPBS has an internship program with the Fadama Legal Assistance Program (FLAP). As part of the legal internship with FLAP, students also have the opportunity to assist with EFOF by surveying panels, raising funds for new panels, and providing ideas on how to further develop the social enterprise.

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