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School of Law

Queen Mary Commercial Awareness Society (QMCAS)

The Queen Mary Commercial Awareness Society (QMCAS) is a student society based in the School of Law seeking to enhance the commercial awareness skills of its members.

Commercial awareness is a vital skill not just for lawyers, but for a wide range of other careers.

QMCAS was established in 2014 to help students understand how to become commercially aware and what it means.

The Society aims to offer students a number of resources, to help them gain an awareness of current affairs and changes and to explore different consequences those may bring.

How does QMCAS work?

We host regular fortnightly meetings, held at Queen Mary University of London, during which we direct discussions concerning current and relevant commercial issues at the time of the meeting. We also organise workshops and events with our sponsors, Reed Smith and Norton Rose Fulbright.

Two of our most popular events with year have been a talk from the Energy and Natural Resources department at Reed Smith regarding the legal implications of the sanctions on Russia, and an Insight Day at Norton Rose Fulbright’s office in London.

How would a new student get involved?

New students can join our society by purchasing a yearly membership from our website ( which will give access to all our fortnightly meetings and events.

Moreover, becoming a committee member allows students participate in the day-to-day running of the society, organise events and develop their own interpersonal skills which are crucial not only for engaging in societal affairs but also for securing training contracts and pupillage.

What opportunities do you offer your members?

We offer our members the opportunity to engage in discussion by attending our fortnightly meetings and the chance to liaise and network with partners and trainees from our sponsor firms during our larger events.