School of Law

Bursary and Scholarship Winners

School of Law bursaries have been helping our students since 2007. Here's what some of our 2015-2016 bursary winners have to say:

Aymen Ati

I am honoured to be awarded the Undergraduate Scholarship from the School of Law at Queen Mary in recognition of my academic achievement and potential. The first year teaching at the School of Law has already been noticeably welcoming and outstanding; this award has served to make me feel even more at home. The Scholarship will help in providing me with the financial stability needed to focus my efforts on my law studies so that I can truly excel. It will also crucially facilitate in furthering my extra-curricular activities, emboldening my passion for Human Rights law. Working with NGOs and the UNHRC, as well as internships over the summer, I aim to fortify this experience by working with the Human Rights Collegium at Queen Mary. I am truly grateful for the magnanimity of the School of Law and I hope to be an ambassador for the university in both professional and academic spheres in the future.

Michaela Hanzelova

The bursary will be of invaluable help to me throughout my studies. Currently having to work two part-time jobs, I often do not have time to get involved in all volunteering and extracurricular activities I am interested in. However, the bursary will provide me with greater financial stability and security. Thus, I will have more time to spend on applying for internships and placements. Moreover, I wish to get involved in more events organised by the Pro Bono Society; be it volunteering or talks and discussions. I am grateful for being awarded with the bursary and for all the support the Law Department at Queen Mary offers.

Christopher Hull

I am extremely grateful to the School of Law for this bursary. I have found both the prestige of the award, and the financial assistance itself, highly beneficial in my attempts to seek legal experience. The award has given me the financial security to cover travel costs for mini-pupillages and has funded my application to join an Inn of Court as a student member. Both these activities have been extremely beneficial for me in pursuing a career at the Bar. I would strongly encourage everyone to apply for this award next year; it is a fantastic addition to your CV and a great recognition of your contribution to the School.

Sivanathan Jheevanesh

I am very grateful for the School of Law Bursary as it provides me with an incentive to continue contributing a significant part of my time at university to activities in the Law School. The award, as a form of recognition, also motivates me to continue to focus on excelling in my studies. The monetary award will enable me to purchase textbooks and further reading materials that will help me excel further in my Law studies, and by providing me with a degree of financial independence, allows me to spend more of my time on studying the law in greater depth.

Kamran Khan

I am grateful to the School of Law for this bursary, because the financial security it has provided will enable me to focus on my academic studies. As I have undertaken greater extra-curricular commitments this year such as representing Queen Mary in external moot competitions and acting as Vice President of the Queen Mary Bar Society, the award ensures I do not have to maintain a part-time job on top of this. Moreover, the bursary will assist in purchasing supplementary textbooks and funding travel expenses for upcoming mini-pupillages.

Lorne Kostove

I feel very privileged and grateful for the recognition and support I have received as a recipient of the Senior Status School of Law Bursary. The financial independence it has provided has allowed me to really focus on my studies and to devote more time to my role as President of the Senior Status Law Society. Being awarded this bursary has allowed me to expand my extra curricular pursuits in a way that would not have been feasible otherwise. This includes being able to participate in additional external mooting competitions. The award and what it stands for, has fostered a personal motivation to fully immerse myself in my pursuit of academic excellence and to do my best to improve student life for all law students at Queen Mary. The bursary also reaffirms to me that the Queen Mary School of Law in congruence with the Senior Status Program is devoted to its students and their success. I would like to sincerely thank the Department of Law for their continued support and devotion to student development.

Jennifer Lee

I am grateful to Queen Mary School of Law for the Final Year Scholarship. The scholarship, outside of its financial implications, has made a huge impact on me. The scholarship is a sign of recognition for my academic achievements and my previous contributions to the Law School. Knowing that the Law School supports the work I do gives me extra motivation to try my best in my studies and to make the most out of my final year here. I am excited to say that I am currently working on a project to provide further networking opportunities for our current students who wish to pursue a career in Hong Kong.

Nora Ling

When applying for the  the Senior Status Bursary I spoke about the work I have done and my academic and professional goals in human rights and feminist gender studies. Often, it is hard to be sure of the path you have chosen, especially if it is a path less traveled. Therefore being awarded this bursary boosted my confidence in my choice and it proved that what I am doing is worthwhile. It has given me the confidence, time and energy to keep working towards my own goals while going through a hard law school curriculum. It showed me that the Queen Mary Law School supports me in my endeavors and see students with all kinds of hopes and goals as having worthwhile aspirations.  

Amandeep Kaur Mann

I am extremely grateful to the Queen Mary Law Department and Gianni’s family for the Gianni Sonvico Scholarship. The scholarship shall provide great relief as I will not have to work extra hours in my part-time job and can focus on my studies with ease. In terms of aiding my studies, the scholarship will be instrumental in allowing me to purchase more academic textbooks to further my knowledge of my modules so I can better myself as a student. Furthermore, the scholarship enables me to subscribe to news outlets such as the Economist in order to better my commercial awareness. I can also pursue greater work experience and volunteering opportunities as the scholarship provides financial security. The opportunities this scholarship offers are invaluable and will contribute positively to my time at Queen Mary.

Clara Steel Miguelez

I am extremely grateful to the School of Law for awarding me with a bursary for my academic achievements. The financial support it provides will allow me to focus on my studies and on participating in extra-curricular activities. In addition to my current involvement with the LAC, external mooting competitions, and an internship with the BPBU, the bursary will allow me to complete mini-pupillages and a summer internship without the added burden of a part-time job. These opportunities will have an immensely positive impact on my future, so I thank the School of Law and would encourage all to apply.

Enaab Mohammed

I feel extremely honoured and privileged to have received this prize from the School of Law and the potential they see in me. I am grateful for the support that has been offered from the very first term and truly appreciate the department's effort's towards increasing social mobility. I am now encouraged and feel I have the support to explore my options in law internationally and have applied for placements abroad this summer. I look forward to giving back to the School in the future and am excited to see what the future has in store!

Sinduja Sivarajan

I feel extremely privileged that the School of Law has recognised my academic achievements by awarding me the First Year Scholarship, including the Jane Hobson award. This has allowed me to have so many positive experiences already, by not only easing my financial burden, but helping me explore the options I have in the legal sector. I have been able to secure an internship with the East Bay Sanctuary in San Francisco this upcoming summer, something that would have been near impossible if not for the support given to me by Queen Mary. Furthermore the scholarship enables me to embark on numerous extracurricular activities, such as studying Mandarin, allowing me to pursue my passion but simultaneously acquire skills which are desirable to future employers. I would like to encourage all future law students to apply since the opportunities this scholarship creates are simply invaluable.

Olivia Spong

I feel extremely privileged that the School of Law has recognised my academic achievement and awarded me a bursary. The financial security and peace of mind that this has given me has allowed me to transition easily into university life and to focus fully on my studies. Being awarded the bursary has enabled me to participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities. I have been able to take a pro-active role within the Legal Advice Centre and started Mandarin lessons. Neither would have been possible otherwise. I would like to thank the Law Department for all their support and strongly recommend that all future law students apply.

Tanatcha Sugarin

Being awarded a bursary by the School of Law has been a great help to me. I am able to gain access to more textbooks without having to rely on their availability in the library. It has therefore helped me to study more efficiently. The bursary also contributed to my expense while traveling around Europe, which has given me a chance to experience different cultures and interact with people from diverse backgrounds, as well as visit some famous European landmarks. I would definitely recommend all to apply for the bursary next year.

Kate Temple-Mabe

As a mature student who is self-financing my degree, it would be hard to understate how grateful I am for this bursary award. During my time at Queen Mary I have been continually impressed by the opportunities and support available for students, and this is yet another example. The bursary has helped ease my financial burden, allowing me to turn down some part-time work shifts in order to focus on my studies, and on extra-curricular activities like running the internal moot competition and acting as co-editor-in-chief of the Queen Mary Law Journal. It has also allowed me to pay off some of my debt, which means that after I graduate I will more comfortably be able to pursue my goal of training as a barrister and developing a practice with publicly funded work at its centre.

Anna Tranter

I am extremely grateful to the School of Law to be a recipient of the Second Year Scholarship, which demonstrates a continued investment of the School in the success and well-being of its students. Being awarded the scholarship has enabled me to plan a legal internship abroad wherein I will be able to gain an understanding of how legal services are provided in different jurisdictions. I look forward to representing the School next academic year in undertaking a year in practice at Reed Smith and then completing my legal education in the inclusive and intellectually stimulating environment that Queen Mary provides.

Joe Vinson

I couldn't be more honoured to receive a bursary from the School of Law. I found the application process engaging and totally accessible, I even quite enjoyed it! The extra financial support will be of huge benefit to me, limiting the amount of part-time work I need to undertake alongside my studies, as well as enabling me to purchase extra course materials to compliment by learning. In addition, I will be using the money to support myself over the summer, allowing me to attend vacation and internship schemes with law firms.