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How to make the most of your time at Queen Mary School of Law

Indre Kazlausskaite, LLB Law student: 

I believe every student has been advised 'to make the most of your time at university'. What does it mean at QM? Stellar academics? Extracurricular activities to boost your CV? Networking with potential employers? I believe this is primarily about your balanced approach to university life.

9 September 2014

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During your time at QM, you should consider what career objectives your Law degree will help you achieve. For example, if you intend to go to academia, you may want to focus on your studies to get brilliant grades and pursue a Masters degree afterward. If you have a burning desire to practice commercial law, then you would need a strong combination of good academics, extracurricular activities and work experience. Considering how daunting the prospect of such decision might be, it is essential to experience as many varied career-related activities as possible. At QM, you are given an invaluable opportunity to experience broad range of these activities, helping you to make an informed choice about your further career. The Law Society, Bar Society, Mooting, Women Working in Law, Pro Bono Societies are just a few of many student-run organisations aiming to expose you to broad legal career opportunities, offering networking and work placements with law firms. Apart from that, if you want to experience legal work in practice, you may want to be involved with award-winning Legal Advice Centre to work with real clients on real cases. If you wish to get a taste of how lawyers negotiate deals and how they advocate on client’s behalf, you may participate at QM negotiation competition or go on a Supreme Court visit. Personally, I have found the variety of opportunities at QM both beneficial and exciting.

Academically, at QM you will learn from the leading academics in their fields, many of which are or were practising lawyers. You will experience engaging discussions on contentious legal issues and will learn how academics formulate legal arguments and argue a point of view. This will help you understand the functioning of English legal system and will teach you to think like a lawyer. Also, QM offers services such as Careers advice, helping you perfect your applications and potentially land your dream job. Finally, apart from academia and extracurricular activities, in the School of Law you will meet the very ambitious, approachable and diverse student body with whom you will enjoy socialising and will quickly become friends as you will share common interests and activities.

Therefore, I would suggest 'to make the most of opportunities at QM', adopt a balanced approach to academic and university life in order to build skills you will need in your career, to be open-minded and take up new activities and initiatives and to contribute to classroom discussions. If you successfully manage this, by the end of your final year you will find that you have a clear understanding of where you see yourself with your QM Law degree.