School of Law

Professor Tang Xin, J.D.,L.L.M.,PH.D(Renmin University), Postdoctoral researcher (Beijing University)


Visiting Professor


As a professor at Tsinghua University School of Law and the associate director of Tsinghua University Business Law Centre in Beijing, Xin Tang is recognized as one of the leading researchers on business law in China. Xin published widely in the fields of protection of securities market investors, fiduciary duties of the directors, senior managers and controlling shareholders, minority shareholder suits, merger and acquisition of the listed companies, legal liabilities of market wrongdoings. He is one of the members of the Editorial Advisory Board of “Business Laws of China” Series published by Thomson Reuters/West Press. Prior to joining Tsinghua's faculty in 2000, Xin was a research fellow and lecturer of law at Peking University Law School, where he was granted the Award “Excellent in Teaching”. He has also taught at leading universities as a visiting professor or an adjunct associate professor including the Radzyner School of Law, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (Israel) and Columbia University School of Law (US). Professor Tang served as a member of the Merger and Restructuring Review Commission of China Securities Regulatory Commission, an organization empowered by the securities market regulator in China to regulate the merger and acquisition of the public companies, he is now sitting in the Listing Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange, one of the biggest securities markets in the world.

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Undergraduate Teaching

  • China’s Securities Law
  • Comparative Corporate Governance
  • LAW6036 Company Law

Postgraduate Teaching


Corporage Governance, Civil Law and Commercial Law

Examples of research funding:

  • “Administrative Liabilities of the Listed Companies’ Directors and Officers from Fraudulent Disclosures of Listed Companies”, sponsored by China Public Companies Association, 2015-16
  • “Compensation Liability Arouse from Fraudulent Disclosures of Listed Companies”, sponsored by China Securities Investor Protection Fund, 2014
  • “Research on the Legislation of Futures Law”, sponsored by China Financial Future Exchange, 2012-13.
  • “Catch-all Anti-fraud Provision under the Securities Law”, sponsored by the National Social Science Foundation, Sep.2005-July, 2011.
  • “Independent Directors of China’s Listed Companies: Powers and Responsibilities”, cooperate with the Division of Listed Companies, China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), Nov. 2008-Feb. 2010 (one of the outcomes of the program is a draft “Guidelines for Independent Directors” for the CSRC)
  • “A Comparative Study on the Efficiency of Administrative Enforcement in Securities Markets”, in cooperation with the Enforcement Bureau II of China Securities Regulatory Commission, sponsored by the Shanghai Stock Exchange, May 2006-Aug. 2008
  • “ ‘Private Attorney General’ in China”, sponsored by the foundation of George Washington University and US State Department, Aug. 2005- May 2007
  • “Control the Controlling Shareholders: A Comparative Law Perspective”, sponsored by the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Jul. 2004- May 2005
  • “Overseas Experience of Debenture Holders Protection”, sponsored by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Apr. 2003- Feb. 2004
  • “On the ‘Exit’ of Member Securities Firms”, sponsored by the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Jun. 2003- Jan. 2004
  • “On the Supervision of Member Securities Firms”, sponsored by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Apr. 2003- Feb. 2004
  • “Scholarly Proposed Draft of a New Company Law of China”, sponsored by the Business Law Institute of China, Feb.2002- Dec.2003
  • “Modernization of China’s Corporate Governance”, sponsored by the American Council of Learned Societies, Seattle, US, Mar.2002-Aug.2002
  • “Study of Listed Companies Governance”, sponsored by the Fa Jia Bi Shi Foundation,Beijing, Dec. 2000-Dec.2001


  • Corporate Governance and Capital Market Law (China Law Press, 2015)
  • Corporate Governance and Listed Company Takeovers (Renmin University of China Press, 2001)
  • Research on Construction of Securities Market Manipulation (Coauthored with Haitao Gao), in Contemporary Law Review, Vol. 4 (2016), 103-117.
  • Regulatory Paradigm of Share Public Offering Regulation: Comparative Analysis and Reflective Implications (Coauthored with Jun Wei), in Securities Market Herald, Vol. 1 (2016), 4-16.
  • From the Hontex Case to Securities Private Law Suits (Coauthored with Rixi Xie), in Securities Law Review (Vol. 12, 2014), 56-88
  • Short-swing Transaction Under China’s Securities Law- A Failed Transplant? in Tsinghua Law Review, Vol. 8 (2014), 137-149
  • “Alternatives to the Securities-Related Class Action Model: A Comparative Law Perspective”, in Recht und Rechtswirklichkeit in Deutschland und China, herausgegeben von Yuanshi Bu, Mohr Siebeck 2011, 121-146.
  • “Review of the Structural Provisions in China’s M&A Laws”, in Securities Market Herald, vol. 208 (2009): 4-11
  • “Management Buy-out in China’s Listed Companies: Development and Transformation”, in Financial and Economic Law Review, vol. 15 (2008): 101-133
  • “Economic Security and Regulation of Foreign-funded M&A”, in Contemporary Law Review, vol. 1 (2008): 103-112
  • “Testing the Legitimacy of Anti-takeover Measures in China” (with Xu Zhizhan), in Tsinghua Law Review, vol. 2, No. 6 (2008)
  • “Protecting Minority Shareholders in China: A Task for Both Legislation and Enforcement”, In Hideki Kanda, Kon-sik Kim and Curtis Milhaupt (ed.) Transforming Corporate Governance in East Asia, Routledge (2008), 141-167.
  • “Private Suits and Enforcement of Securities Law”, in Tsinghua Law Review, vol. 1, No.3 (2007): pp. 92-117


  • Ph. D and LLM students

Public Engagement

  • “Legal Issues in the Regulation of the Investment Advisors”, sponsored by the CSRC, since 2016
  • “Investor Protection on the Securities Market: Present and the Future”, sponsored by the CSRC and China Securities Retail Investors Service Center, since 2016