School of Law

Professor Erika Szyszczak


Visiting Professor


I joined SLS in September 2013, having previously taught at the University of Leicester where I held a Jean Monnet Chair in European Law ad personam (2000-2013). I have also held a Jean Monnet Chair in European Law at the University of Nottingham (1999- 2000) and I was a Senior Lecturer and Lecturer at the London School of Economics (1989-1999) where I was also an Officer of the School, holding the position of Adviser to Women Students. I began my academic career at the University of Kent (1980 - 1989).

From 2004 - 2017 I was a practising barrister at Littleton Chambers. I am still a member of the Middle Temple and an ADR Mediator.I have worked as a legal consultant for the European Commission and advised the House of Lords Scrutiny Committee on EU Law. I have been involved in the training of national judges in EU law, especially EU Competition Law.

I sit on the Editorial Boards of the European Law Review, European Journal of Social Law and Diritto e Politiche dell'Unione Europea. I also sat on the Editorial Committee of the Modern Law Review from 1991 - 2017

My research focuses upon EU market law, expecially the free movement provisions and competition law. I am particularly interested in the regulation of State intervention in the market and I have written extensively in this area. I am a co-editor of the TMC Asser/Springer series, Legal Issues of Services of General Interest. I am a regular contributor to the Journal of European Competition Law and Policy. My current research is upon EU energy law. I also write the Chapter on State Aid for Vaughan and Robertson's EU Law (OUP).


My research interests are in the field of competition and the free movement law of the EU (including procurement), especially the interaction and complementarity of the tow areas. From the late 1990s I have focused upon the effects of liberalisation in the EU and the way in which EU law blurs conventional boundaries of public and private law, more recently fundamental rights and constitutional principles have had a bearing on the changing commercial and private law relationship resulting from liberalisation processes. This programme of research is organised in the transformation of the market and state (ToMaS) research group in the centre for European law and internationalisations (CELI) at the University of Leicester. It is supported by a Jiscmail network and a published five books to date, with two forthcoming. Funding for conferences has been obtained from different sources in the EU... For more, please refer back to the curriculum vitae attached at the Profile sections. 



Book Section

  • Szyszczak, Erika (2016) 1. Criterion of state origin. In: Hofmann, Herwig C H and Micheau, Claire (eds.) State aid law of the European Union. OUP, Oxford, pp. 65-73. ISBN 9780198727460
  • Szyszczak, Erika (2016) 5. Distortion of competition and effect on trade between EU member states. In: Hofmann, Herwig C H and Micheau, Claire (eds.) State aid law of the European Union. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, pp. 151-160. ISBN 9780198727460
  • Szyszczak, Erika (2014) Article 36: access to services of general economic interest. In: Peers, Steve and et al., (eds.) The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights: a commentary. CH Beck Hart Nomos, Oxford, 969 -982. ISBN 9781849463089
  • Szyszczak, Erika (2013) Soft law and safe havens. In: Social services of general interest in the EU. Legal issues of services of general interest . TMC Asser Press, The Hague, pp. 317-345. ISBN 9789067048750
  • Szyszczak, Erika (2009) Modernising healthcare: pilgrimage for the Holy Grail? In: Krajewski, Markus, Neergaard, Ulla and van de Gronden, Johan (eds.) The changing legal framework for services of general interest in Europe. TMC Asser Press, The Hague, pp. 191-213. ISBN 9789067043083

Edited Book

  • Szyszczak, Erika and van de Gronden, Johan Willem, eds. (2013) Financing services of general economic interest: reform and modernization. Legal issues of services of general interest . TMC Asser Press, The Hague. ISBN 9789067049054

Reports and working papers

  • Szyszczak, Erika and Lydgate, Emily (2016) Triggering Article 50 TEU: a legal analysis. Discussion Paper. UK Trade Policy Observatory.
  • Coughlan, John, Heusel, Wolfgang, Szyszczak, Erika, Patrini, Valentina and Pauer, Andreas (2016) Study on judges' training needs in the field of European competition law: final report. Technical Report. European Commission, Brussels.


  • Szyszczak, Erika (2016) Article 263(4) TFEU and the impossibility of challenging recovery decisions in state aid: annotation on the judgments of the general court of 15 September 2016 in T-219/13 Pietro Ferracci v European Commission and T-220/13 Scuola Elementare Maria Montessori v European Commission. European State Aid Law Quarterly, 15 (4). pp. 637-641. ISSN 1619-5272
  • Szyszczak, Erika (2015) "Europe isn't working in Europe": reform and modernisation of the European welfare state in the wake of the economic crisis. Fordham Journal of International Law, 38 (4). pp. 1193-1217. ISSN 0747-9395
  • Van De Gronden, Johan and Szyszczak, Erika (2014) Introducing competition principles into health care through EU law and policy: a case study of The Netherlands. Medical Law Review, 22 (2). pp. 238-254. ISSN 0967-0742
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