School of Law

Mr Alessandra Solazzo, LLB and LLM

Research Associate

Telephone: 020 7882 6184


Alessandra joined the Centre for Commercial Law Studies in July 2017. She is working as a Research Associate for the EU Horizon2020 project “WiseGrid”. Her work focuses on the legal, regulatory, ethical and social issues of the integration of smart grids in the energy dinstribution grid. Before this position, she was in Cambridge, joining the Global Policy Team of BirdLife International and researching on ecosystem services at the Global Sustainability Institute. Previously, she worked in Italy, researching on EU and international environmental law and policy at the Environmental Legal Team and Regulation for Sustainability. Before being in academia, she started her career as a legal practitioner and specialised in environmental law. She holds a Bachelor and a Master degree in Law (University of Florence, Italy).


Legal, regulatory, social and ethical aspects of smart grids


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