School of Law

Professor Alison Firth, Barrister


Visiting Professor

Room Number: Lincoln's Inn Fields


Professor Alison Firth has been Visiting Teacher and Visiting Professor at CCLS, 2005 to date. She teaches competition law (PG certificate in intellectual property law) and design law (PG certificate in trade mark law).

1987-2004, Professor Firth was a Lecturer, then Senior Lecturer (from 1993) at the Intellectual Property Law Unit. She taught all aspects of intellectual property at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, tort law, general principles of English law, procedure and evidence; supervised PhD students.


Professor Firth's research focuses on intellectual property law and its relationship with competition law, contract; civil procedure and remedies.

Work in progress or projects / conferences and conference papers

  • Firth, A ‘Step by step in patent law ‘ Applied Research Centre for Intellectual Assets and the Law in Asia (ARCIALA) School of Law, Singapore Management University, February 2017
  • Firth, A ‘Trade marks, communication and competition’ Work-in-progress seminar, School of Law, University of Surrey, November 2016
  • Firth, A, Leong, S, Lin, X and Liu K-C Roundtable on the present and future of IP research in Asia and beyond Works-In-Progress Conference “IP Scholars Asia” School Of Law, Singapore Management University, Singapore, January 2016

  • Firth A., Copyright in time of plenty Society for Economic Research on Copyright Issues’ annual congress, Barcelona, July 2014
  • Firth, A. ‘Unfair competition’ in the scheme of things’, Jean Monnet research seminar at University of Canterbury Law School, jointly with Department of Accounting and Information Systems, Christchurch, New Zealand, April 2014
  • Firth A., Recent developments in design law presented at conference “Essentials of Intellectual Property for EU Officials”, Brussels, November 2013
  • Firth A., EU trade mark norms in UK and New Zealand - transmission, reception, conundrum at SLS annual conference Edinburgh September 2013
  • Firth, A., Intellectual property audits and patents in Europe Universiti Utara Malaysia, April 2013
  • Firth, A., Unregistered intellectual property rights – hidden assets and their status in Europe University of Canterbury, Department of Accounting and Information Systems seminar, March 2013.


  • Firth, A ‘Code, autonomous concepts and procedure – stepping stones for European law?’ in Perry, M, ed, Intellectual Property Governance for the 21st Century: Global Evolution (2016, Springer)
  • Firth A., G. Lea and P. Cornford Trade Marks: Law and Practice (4th ed. 2016,  Jordan Publishing)
  • Firth, A. and Pereira, B. ‘Exceptions and Limitations for Libraries and Archives’ Chapter in Stamatoudi, I., ed, The Future of Copyright: A European Union and International Perspective (Edward Elgar, 2016)
  • Firth, A., ‘Music and co-authorship/co-ownership’, Ch 6 in Rahmatian A., ed, Concepts of Music and Copyright (2015 Edward Elgar)
  • Firth, A., ‘Holding the Line’: The Relationship between the Public Interest and Remedies Granted or Refused, Be It for Breach of Confidence or Copyright’, Ch 21 in Torremans, P., Ed, Intellectual Property Law and Human Rights (3rd edn, 2015, Kluwer Law International)
  • Firth A., ‘European norms in transit: trade mark norms, TTIP uncertainties and the relevance of TPP’ [2015] Asia Europe J 323
  • Firth A., ‘Reception of EU trade mark laws in New Zealand’, in Björkdahl A., N. Chaban, J. Leslie and A. Masselot, (eds) Importing EU Norms? Conceptual Framework and Empirical Findings (Cham Heidelberg, New York, Dordrecht, London: Springer International Publishing Switzerland, 2015)
  • Fitzgerald J.V. and Firth A., ‘Is Article 13 of the Enforcement Directive a redundancy notice for the account of profits remedy in the UK?’ (2014) 9(9) Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice 737, chosen for parallel publication in GRUR International, Issue 8-9/2014
  • Firth A. ‘The Essential Facilities Principle and Other Issues of Competition’ ch 4 in Stamatoudi I.A and Torremans P., EU Copyright Law: A Commentary (2014, Edward Elgar)
  • Firth, A., ‘Devices to Restrain Competition and Protect Discoveries and Enforcement: Confidentiality in the Courts and Europe’ in M. Pittard, A. Monotti and J. Duns, Business Innovation and the Law (Edward Elgar, 2013).

Public Engagement

  • Arts and Humanities Research Council, peer review college member to 2013
  • Association Litteraire et Artistique International, member of executive committee
  • Association of Teachers and Researchers in Intellectual Property, member
  • British Literary and Artistic Copyright Association, member and vice-president
  • Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys, associate member
  • Competition Law Association, member
  • European Intellectual Property Teachers’ Network, founder member and member of organising committee. This organisation holds annual workshops on teaching and pedagogic innovation in intellectual property, most recently in Sofia, Bulgaria, 2016
  • European Patent Office, delivery of seminars on annual ‘SEPIA’ programme for examiners
  • Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys, associate member
  • Intellectual Property Bar Association, member
  • ‘ius commune’ - personal member of ‘ius commune’ legal research school (established by universities of Leuven (Belgium), Utrecht, Maastricht and Amsterdam (Netherlands), Stellenbosch (South Africa), Edinburgh)
  • Royal Society of Arts, Fellow
  • Society of Legal Scholars, member
  • South Georgia Association, member.