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School of Law

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowships

Applications for the 2020/2021 round have now closed. If interested in applying for this scheme with Queen Mary School of Law next year please be aware that requirements may change and this should be taken as a guide only.

The School of Law invited early career researchers seeking support for their application to the British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship scheme to get in touch by submitting:

  1. an explanation of the reason(s) for your choice of Queen Mary University of London as the host institution (150 words maximum)
  2. an outline of your proposed programme of research (1,500 words maximum)
  3. details of your planned research outputs, e.g. monograph, journal article(s), book chapter(s), digital resources, events, other (please specify) (300 words maximum)
  4. a combined CV and list of existing publications (2 page maximum)
  5. a completed eligibility checklist*

Applications should demonstrate:

  • the excellence of:
    • your research track record and professional track record (where relevant);
    • your academic record;
    • the research outputs you propose, how you will structure, pursue, and complete it in the time frame, and its importance;
  • the relevance of QMUL School of Law to your research and vice versa;
  • who you would like as a mentor and why.
  • that you are eligible according to the BA’s criteria (see list below)

You are strongly encouraged, before submitting your application and time permitting, to find a mentor, provisionally agree their support, and get some feedback from them on your draft application.

*The completed eligibility checklist, which should contain the following information (eligibility requirements are dictated by the BA):

  • Nationality - please confirm that you are either a British citizen or an EEA national, or that you completed your doctorate at a UK university, or that you can otherwise demonstrate 'strong prior association' with the UK academic community.
  • Date of your Viva Voce examination. Eligible applicants must have successfully completed their Viva Voce examinations between 1 April 2018 and 1 April 2021.
  • Confirmation that you have never held a permanent academic post in an institution of higher education.
  • Confirmation that you have never before applied to this scheme (or that you have specifically been invited to reapply following a previous attempt). The British Academy does not allow for re-submissions for the Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme. If you have previously applied and failed to reach the Second Stage of the competition, you are not eligible to re-apply.

Full scheme details can be found on the British Academy website.

All outline proposals will be considered by our Directors of Research and those that we give institutional support to will have approximately one month to finalise their online application, due on 14th October 2020. N.B. The BA deadline includes receipt of your external reference (usually your external examiner) and Institutional approval.