School of Law



  • January
    The Centre hosted an interdisciplinary workshop on Gender segregation and deconstruction in the UK organised jointly by LEAD and the School of Law, Politics and Sociology, Sussex University. The workshop was attended by participants from law, sociology, linguistics, politics and other disciplines from around the UK and overseas. The discussion covered a range of issues relating to the challenges to conceptions of gender which are emerging. It explored the question of how this trend can be reconciled with the growing pressure for greater binary gender-differentiation in services, employment and facilities. The workshop asked what the implications are of these trends for the wider gender equality project, specifically for enhancing the agency, freedom and capabilities of women and girls.


  • September 
    The Center for Research on Law, Equity and Diversity (LEAD) at the Faculty of Law at Queen Mary University of London hosted the launch of the book International Courts and the African Woman Judge: Unveiled Narratives (Routledge, 2018). The book examines the life and professional accomplishments of seven women judges from African countries who have served or are serving on international courts and tribunals. Read more here.


  • December
    Stuart Goosey was recently awarded his PhD for his thesis on ‘A Pluralist Theory of Age Discrimination’, supervised by Professors Barmes and Malleson. Stuart’s thesis was examined by Professor Colm O’Cinneide at the Faculty of Laws, UCL and Professor Jonathan Wolff at the Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford University. 
  • October
    On 3 October 2017 LEAD collaborated with the Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) and YESS (Your Employment Settlement Service) in organizing a round table about employment dispute resolution. There was a wide range of participants who brought distinctive experience and expertise, for example from the Employment Tribunals, TUC, Citizens Advice Bureaux, the Equality and Diversity Forum and the Free Representation Unit. We hope now to build on this in further collaborative work on enhancing employment dispute resolution and raising workplace standards.
  • September
    Four of the papers from the LEAD Diversity and Legal Reasoning workshop have now been published in feminists@law
  • April
    The JUSTICE Working Party on judicial diversity, which included LEAD member Professor Rosemary Hunter, published its report 'Increasing judicial diversity': The report gave practical recommendations, exploring the structural barriers faced by women, people from visible ethnic minorities and those from less advantaged socio-economic backgrounds in reaching the bench. It also explained why diversity is a vital constitutional issue, calls for systemic changes to increase accountability and improve recruitment processes, and proposes more inclusive routes to the senior bench.
  • March
    In March 2017 Lizzie Barmes was awarded the 2017 Hart Socio Legal Book Prize for Bullying and Behavioural Conflict at Work: The Duality of Individual Rights (OUP, 2016). Find out more.