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Centre for Law and Society in a Global Context - Research Students

Research supervision

The members of the Centre for Law and Society in a Global Context welcome research students in a broad range of topics under the broad ambit of the Centre’s research interests. 

Research Students

Current research students supervised by the Centre’s members include:

  • Adrian Attard, The Liability of classification societies under international law
  • Kimberley Brayson, Unveiling our Ignorance? Can human rights discourse ever adequately articulate the interests of Muslim women in European society? A study within the context of the European Convention on Human Rights
  • Jack Simson Caird, The Theory and Practice of Legislative Constitutional Interpretation in the United Kingdom
  • Theodora Christou, Justice and Trust: European Criminal Justice and Fundamental Rights
  • Mark Hanna, A Social Systems Theory of International Law
  • Tom Hannant, A Republican Analysis of the Human Rights Act 1998
  • Alexander Horne, Is there a case for greater legislative involvement in the judicial appointments process?
  • Khalid Khedri, Interrogating the concept of sovereignty in International law: What role has sovereignty played in the construction of international law?
  • William Linton, Evolving Semantic Forms in the Legal System and Society– Observing Anti-Discrimination and Inequality from the Perspective of Systems Theory
  • Andreas Marcou, A Republican Justification of Civil Disobedience
  • Eda Sahin, Establishing an effective and efficient EU Collective Redress mechanism on damages actions in the field of competition law
  • Ruth Saunders, Legal, Ethical and Social Implications of Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing
  • Sarah Singer, Exclusion from Refugee Status: Terrorism and the UK’s interpretation and application of Article 1F of the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees
  • Vigneswari Thanapal, The Social and organisational mediation of university learning in Law: A case study of a global law programme (the External Laws Programme of the University of London)
  • Hélène Tyrrell, Foreign Jurisprudence in (UK) Domestic Human Rights Cases
  • Maria Xiouri, Responsibility of International Organizations and their Member States
  • Mary Yarwood, Prisoners and reproduction: fundamental right or privilege?