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2013 UK IVR Annual Conference Downloads

Friday 12 April 2013

  • Group 1.1 The State: Universal and Particular
    Chair: Professor Michael Lobban, School of Law, Queen Mary, University of London
    Speakers: Pierre Brunet, Eric Millard, and Jean-Louis Halpérin, Can Legal Theoreticians and Historians Agree About a Definition (or Characterisation) of the State?
    Speaker: Donal Coffey, Postcards from the Dominions: Legal Theory as Legal History in Australia and Ireland
    Speaker: Michal Galedek, Theories of Modern Administration on the Polish Territories in the First Half of the 19th Century ? Polish and Foreign Traditions [PDF 178KB]
  • Group I.2 The Methodology of Legal Theory
    Chair: Dr. Maks Del Mar , Queen Mary and UK IVR
    Speaker: Peter Cserne, From Legal History Through Descriptive Sociology to Legal Theory: Weber, Hart and Beyond
    Speaker: Kevin Walton, Legal Philosophy and the Social Sciences: Nicola Lacey on the Hart-Fuller Debate
    Speaker: Mariano Croce, How History Shapes the Legal Field: The Autonomy of Jurisprudence as a Historical Effect [PDF 49KB]
  • Group I.3 A Historical Turn in Jurisprudence
    Chair: Dr Brenna Bhandar, School of Law, Queen Mary, University of London
    Speaker: Christopher Tomlins, For a Materialist Jurisprudence
    Speaker: Eric Heinze, Ahistoricism as Strategy and Mask
    Speaker: Jonathan Gorman, Legal Metahistory [PDF 191KB]
  • Group I.4 International Law and Legal History
    Chair: Dr Stephen Allen, School of Law, Queen Mary, University of London
    Speaker: Jessie Hohmann: The Past is the Future: The Turn to History and the Critical International Legal Left
    Speaker: Surabhi Ranganathan, International Law between Philosophy and Anxiety: Two (Re) Constructions of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties
  • Group I.5 History and Theory of Crime
    Chair: Professor Andrew Halpin, Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore
    Speaker: Tony Ward, Insanity and Sovereignty: The Austinian Theory of Criminal Liability [PDF 135KB]Speaker: Kevin Crosby, The Legal Theory and Legal History of the Criminal Trial Juror
    Speaker: Arlie Loughnan, Responsibility and Non-Responsibility in Criminal Law
  • Keynote, ArtsTwo LT
    Chair: Professor Zenon Bańkowski, School of Law, University of Edinburgh, and Treasurer of the UK IVR
    Speaker: Professor John Bell, Is Comparative Law Necessary for Legal Theory?
  • Group 2.1 The History of Concepts
    Chair: Dr Maks Del Mar, Queen Mary and UK IVR
    Speaker: Hubert Schnueriger, The Nature of Rights and the Relevance of Historical Research: A Critical Glance at Some Theses [PDF 175KB]Speaker: Sean Patrick Donlan, First Things First: Of Philosophy and Folk Concepts
    Speaker: Mario Ricciardi, Two Concepts of Status
  • Group 2.2 Legal Theory, Legal History and the Common Law
    Chair: Professor Michael Lobban, Queen Mary
    Speaker: Anna Taitslin, The Legal History Debate on ?Absolute Ownership? at Common Law and the Changed Notion of Ownership in Legal Theory: Form Bartolus? Ownership as Right to Hohfeld?s Legal Relations [PDF 674KB]Speaker: Joshua Tate, Competing Institutions and Dispute Settlement in Medieval England
    Speaker: Burkhard Schafer, Taking Problem Solving Seriously: What Can Theory of Science Teach Us About the Historiography of the Common Law
  • Group 2.3 Particular Cultural Contexts for Collaboration between Legal Theory and Legal History
    Chair: Professor Zenon Bańkowski, University of Edinburgh and UK IVR
    Speaker: Ernest Caldwell, ‘New’ Perspectives on Socio-Legal Change: Contributions from Early Chinese Legal History
    Speaker: Rafal Manko, Legal Transfers and Legal Survivals: Theoretical Implications on the Continuity of the Socialist Legal Tradition in Poland [PDF 217KB]Speaker: Tatiana Borisova, Jane Henderson and Boris Mamlyuk, What was ‘Soviet’ in Soviet Legal Theory?
  • Group 2.4 Law, Pathology and Politics
    Chair: Professor Andrew Halpin, University of Singapore
    Speaker: Herlinde Pauer-Studer, The Role of Morality in Nazi Conceptions of Law
    Speaker: Nicholas Gervassis, History of a Patient: Statute Drafting and the Subconscious of Law in Action
    Speaker: Mary Vogel, Law and the Subject of Power: Courts and Discretion in Post-Revolutionary America, 1820-1850
  • Group 2.5: The Relevance of History for Legal Theory, Arts 2 LT
    Chair: Ms Catharine MacMillan, School of Law, Queen Mary, University of London
    Speaker: Kaius Tuori, Schmitt and the Sovereignty of Dictators
    Speaker: Joseph David, Risks and Odds in Integrating Legal Theory and Legal History
    Speakers: TT Arvind and Lindsay Stirton, Strategy, Doctrine and the Emergence of Legal Theories
  • Keynote, Arts Two LT
    Chair: Ms Catharine MacMillan, Queen Mary
    Speaker: Professor Joshua Getzler, Law and Self-Interest [PDF 985KB]

Saturday 13 April 2013

  • Plenary Session, ArtsTwo Lecture Theatre
    Chair: Professor Richard Nobles, School of Law, Queen Mary, University of London
    Speaker: Dr Eric Descheemaeker, Legal Rationality as Legal History, with commentary by Professor William Lucy
    Speaker: Dr Ian Williams, The Role of Rules: Legal Maxims in Early-Modern Common Law Principle and Practice, with commentary by Dr Thomas Poole [PDF 395KB]
  • Group 3.1 History of Legal Ideas
    Chair: Professor Zenon Bańkowski, University of Edinburgh and UK IVR
    Speaker: C.J. (Niels) de Bruijn, The Argument from Authority in Late Medieval and and Early-Modern Legal Thought
    Speaker: Henrique Carvalho, Liberty and Insecurity in the Criminal Law: A Genealogy of Responsibility
    Speaker: Tobias Schaffner, Hugo Grotius’ Use of History in his De Jure Belli ac Pacis (1625)
  • Group 3.2 Crime and Slavery
    Chair: Professor Andrew Halpin, University of Singapore
    Speaker: Tom Goldup, The Treason Trials Act 1696: The Origins of Defence Counsel as a Technique of Control
    Speaker: Pedro Jimenez Cantisano, In-between Slavery and Freedom: Legal Fictions with Real Consequences in 19th Century Brazil
    Speaker: Rafael Van Damme, At the Crossroads of History of Criminal Law and Philosophy of Religion: the Disruption of Scapegoat Mechanisms
  • Group 3.3 Particular Theories, Particular Histories, Arts 2 Room 316
    Chair: Professor Burkhard Schafer, School of Law, University of Edinburgh, and UK IVR Secretary
    Speaker: Zhu Mingzhe, The Laicisation of Natural Law Theory in Belle Époque: How the Political Matters in Legal Scholarship
    Speaker: Toon Moonen, Institutional History and Constitutional Theory: A Story of Obsession, Rejection…and Perfection?
  • Group 3.4 Legal Theory and Legal History: Imagining Possibilities, Arts 2 Room 217
    Chair: Dr Maks Del Mar, Queen Mary and UK IVR
    Speaker: Panagia Voyatzis, The Unbearable Forgetfulness of Law
    Speaker: Paul Tiensuu and Juhana Salojärvi, On the Concept of Fundamental Contradiction: Co-operation Between Legal Theory and Legal History
  • Group 4.1: The Importance of History for Legal Scholarship, Arts 2 LT
    Chair: Ms Catharine MacMillan, Queen Mary
    Speaker: Stephen Waddams, Legal History, Legal Theory and Practical Considerations in Legal Reasoning
    Speaker: Steve Hedley, Is an Ahistorical Corrective Justice Theory Useful in Explaining Modern Private Law? [PDF 207KB]Speaker: Scott Styles, The Triumph of the Will
  • Group 4.2: Legal Theory and the History of Ideas, Arts 2 Room 217
    Chair: Dr Maks Del Mar Queen Mary and UK IVR
    Speaker: Adolfo Giuliani, Legal History, Legal Theory and the Historical Problem of the Ius Commune
    Speaker: Matthew Crow, Forms of Life: The Culture of Law as a Culture of Use
    Speaker: Richard Collins, Classical Positivism and the Problem of Legal Autonomy in Modern International Law
  • Group 4.3: Comparing Disciplines: Legal Reasoning, Legal Theory, and Legal History
    Chair: Professor Michael Lobban, Queen Mary
    Speaker: James Hackney, Legal Intellectuals in Conversation: Reflections on the Construction of Contemporary American Legal Theory
    Speaker: Jonathan Rose, The Nature and Development of Legal History as an Academic Discipline [PDF 37KB]Speaker: Larry DiMatteo, Unframing Legal Reasoning
  • Group 4.4: Historicising Philosophical Problems
    Chair: Professor Richard Nobles, Queen Mary
    Speaker: Roger Cotterrell, The Politics of Jurisprudence Revisited: A Swedish Realist in Historical Context
    Speaker: Corrado Roversi, Mimetic Law (vs Natural Law): A Philosophical Problem Turned into a Historical One
  • Group 4.5: History and Theory of Sources
    Chair: Professor Burkhard Schafer, University of Edinburgh and UK IVR
    Speaker: Karlijn van Blom, The Use of Foreign Sources of Law: A Historical Approach
    Speaker: Pierre-Olivier de Broux, Sources of Law, Sources of Power
    Speaker: Tom Cornford, Cultural Consensus and the Rule of Recognition in English Law

Additional Papers