School of Law

Criminal Justice Centre - Postgraduate Research

Postgraduate students researching in criminal justice include:

  • Marie-Aimee Brajeux
    Thesis: Anti-Social Behaviour Orders and Criminalisation
  • Theodora A Christou
    Thesis: Justice and Trust: European Criminal Justice and Fundamental Rights
  • Aleksandra Jordonoska
    Thesis: The Implementation of Regulation in the Financial Services Industry
  • Fabio Giuffrida - CJC Scholarship Recipient
    Thesis: The European Public Prosecutor’s Office: a New Model of Criminal Justice and its Impact on National Systems (provisional title)
  • Yewa Holiday
    Thesis: Article 31 of the 1951 Refugee Convention and the prosecution of asylum seekers and refugees in England, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Theo Karvounakis
    Thesis: Fair Criminal Evidence in Europe: From ECHR to EU Criminal Law
  • Anton Moiseienko
    Denying Entry to the Corrupt: Prospects and Challenges under International Law
  • Carolin Möller
    Thesis: Analysing the tensions between EU data protection law and processing data for criminal investigations
  • Justine Stefanelli
    Thesis: Due Process and the Criminalisation of Immigration in the UK and the US (working title)
  • Niovi Vavoula
    Thesis: Border Controls and Counter Terrorism law in the European Union