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Victoria Tchen, LLM in Energy and Natural Resources Law (2020)

“I was excited by the quality of the teaching and the opportunity to network with world-renowned professionals".

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Year of graduation: 2020
Name of programme: Energy and Natural Resources Law LLM
Country: Gabon

What influenced your decision to choose a LLM at Queen Mary?

Growing up in oil-rich Gabon, I have seen first-hand the effects of oil dependency on a country’s economic growth. I have also witnessed the political challenges raised by the exploration and production of fossil fuels. As such, I have always been interested in understanding why things are the way they are and exploring what could be done to make improvements. During my undergraduate studies, I engaged in modules that encouraged a global outlook on the legal system. I then undertook several internships at international law firms and oil and gas companies in the UK. These experiences allowed me to understand the African market from an investor’s perspective. Aware of the crucial role that a legal framework in driving investment, I decided to undertake an LLM in energy and natural resources law.

The LLM in energy at Queen Mary was recommended to me by a friend who had completed the programme a few years beforehand. I was excited by the quality of the teaching and the opportunity to network with world-renowned professionals. I knew that by going to Queen Mary I would receive world class education from established academics and lawyers who are experts in all aspects of energy law. In addition, I would get to be in London which is the European hub for all things energy law, and that is exactly what I got

How did you find the teaching and learning?

From decommissioning to mining law, all my classes were taught by academics who not only understood the legal principles but had also had extensive practical experience and so knew how those principles worked in practice. This practical and pragmatic way of learning and thinking was extremely helpful and thought provoking. Guest lecturers were also invited so I had the chance to learn from and network with other world-renowned experts in the field. Queen Mary being the diverse environment that it is, I was able to learn from my classmates who were all of all ages, backgrounds and countries. Finally, being in London, I also got to attend a number of insightful industry events, for free!

I am proud to have achieved a distinction in my LLM and I am delighted that my dissertation has been awarded 3rd place by Lord Browne for the Lord Browne Energy law institute essay prize 2019/2020. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Queen Mary and would recommend it to anyone looking for a challenging but exciting environment to learn in.

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