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Erva Akin, Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Law LLM (2021)

“This programme is unique in that it prepares you for what you'll need in your profession to take on any technology-related legal duty."

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Year of graduation: 2021
Name of programme: Technology, Media and Telecommunications Law LLM
Country: Turkey

What influenced your decision to choose a LLM at Queen Mary?

I am a postgraduate student at Queen Mary University of London studying intellectual property and information technology law as part of the EULISP. I chose Queen Mary because I wanted to be a part of the wonderful QMUL alumni network, where people help each other advance in their careers. Besides that, studying in London is a life-changing experience.

How did you find the teaching and learning?

Because of the coronavirus, all of my classes were taken online. QMUL, however, provided us with a comfortable online environment where I could easily access anything I needed. Despite the challenges of a pandemic, the courses were very interesting for me, and I thoroughly benefited from this experience.

What was key about your programme/ were there any highlights?

I primarily studied the LLM in Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Law, and I believe the most important aspect of my program is that it opens up a wide range of possibilities in the digital era by making you fully aware of contemporary issues in copyright law, media law, and data protection law, among others. This programme is unique in that it prepares you for what you'll need in your profession to take on any technology-related legal duty.

What piece of insight or advice would you offer for future students?

Since a master's degree is only one year long, I advise prospective students to take their courses seriously at first. It would also be ideal if they actively participate in university events in order to make the most of their programme. Career services may also be of great assistance along the way.

Has gaining a deeper understanding of your specialisation helped your career?

Yes. When you are clear about what you are studying and what you intend to do with this specialisation, you become more aware of how you can use your knowledge and abilities in the most beneficial way for your career.

What was your best experience of studying at Queen Mary?

QMUL was just about 2 miles away from where I lived. Walking alongside the beautiful Regents Canal, it was amazing to think of all that had happened on the way to school to make these stories stick in my memory. Since QMUL is located next to the canal, it always puts me in a better mood and relieves my stress.

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