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Dushinee Maistry, Queen Mary-Sorbonne Double LLM (2019)

"I would never have imagined that one day I would be having classes with Lord Hoffman..."

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Year of graduation: 2019
Name of programme: Queen Mary-Sorbonne Double LLM
Country: Mauritius

Being someone who wants to practice as a commercial barrister, Queen Mary was the right and evident choice due to its excellent reputation and because the Centre for Commercial Law Studies specialises mainly in the knowledge of commercial law.

I came across the double LLM programme while reading on the Law School’s website. The application process was straightforward and required only an inspiring motivational letter detailing the reasons why you deserve your place on this course. Afterwards, I had a convivial skype interview with a Professor to assess my level in French and then to my delight the professor told me at the end of our discussion that I was accepted on the course.

This double LLM in Paris has been so fruitful for me and I only needed to be determined when I embarked on this once in a life-time journey. There was always someone available to answer any queries.

Whether you want to learn about Arbitration or Energy Law or Corporate Finance Law, you were free to choose as all those modules were available. I would never have imagined that one day I would be having classes with Lord Hoffman for example.

There was more than the traditional class room teaching. As a Queen Mary student, I was able to participate in the Oxford French Law mooting competition 2019 and visited the European institutions such as the European Court of Justice. As a student advisor for qLegal, I had the chance to work on a real case.

I would highly recommend this unique and enriching course as at present I do not only have a profound knowledge of English Law but I also have been able to acquire a significant understanding of the French Legal system and European Union Law.

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