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Coleen Luminarias, Law LLM (2019)

“The modules I took on my programme empowered me to develop a niche research topic, and have been indispensable for my daily activities in my current job".

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Year of graduation: 2019
Name of programme: General Law LLM
Country: Philippines
Company name: Bayer (APAC)

What influenced your decision to choose a LLM at Queen Mary?

Location, diversity, and excellence in law were my main reasons for choosing to study at Queen Mary. It’s campuses across London reflect the variety of experiences and nationalities that a student would encounter at the University.  

How did you find the teaching and learning?

All of my professors were experts in their field. They had different teaching methods, which were constructive. I also particularly enjoyed that each class comprised professors and students from around the world. It enabled us to contextualize multi-jurisdictional legal topics through the lens of lawyers from different regions. 

What was key about your programme/ were there any highlights?

I pursued a Master of Laws (General LLM) degree, which allowed me to select an extensive range of courses. My programme gave me more freedom and perspective to realise my academic and professional aspirations. 

Did you combine modules across specialisations and if so, what were the advantages of this?

Yes, I did. As a third-year lawyer still trying to ascertain my field of focus at that time, it was extremely helpful for me to have a holistic academic experience. I studied international human rights in the context of globalization, as well as data protection, competition, arbitration, and intellectual property under the framework of innovation. Consequently, I was eventually able to find a balance among my interests that resulted in my dissertation.

What piece of insight or advice would you offer for future students?

Make the most out of everything. Read the materials, build relationships with your professors and peers, listen more, spend time at the facilities, attend the events – take every opportunity to learn. 

Has gaining a deeper understanding of your specialisation helped your career?

Yes, it certainly did. The modules I took on my programme empowered me to develop a niche research topic, and have been indispensable for my daily activities in my current function. More than that, my experiences with peers from different cultures and from many jurisdictions helped me enhance the confidence and skills needed for my regional role in a pioneering and multi-cultural team. 

What was your best experience of studying at Queen Mary?

I had so many great experiences at Queen Mary. One of the best ones would be meeting friends who went on to become a tremendous support system in the UK and for life. 

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