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School of Law

SOLM152 Private International and European Air Transport Law (Not running 2022-23)

Module Description

Who is liable if a flight is cancelled? Are air passengers compensated if their flight is delayed? Do air passengers need to take special insurance against loss or damage to their baggage? Can pilots deviate from the instructions given by air traffic controllers? How do airlines pay for their glamorous, but also costly aircraft? Is it legal to fly a drone? This module will set out to explore the regime of domestic and international liability in aviation, namely the liability of air carriers towards passengers and shippers (Warsaw and Montreal Conventions), as well as for surface damage (Rome Convention), the liability of air traffic controllers, airports, aircraft manufacturers and government bodies; the regime governing aircraft financing and aircraft nationality (Geneva and Cape Town Conventions); EU consumer protection law (Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 on compensation for denied boarding, cancellation and delay of flights and relevant jurisprudence), and last, the nascent law on unmanned aircraft systems (drones).

Applicable Groupings

Mode of Assessment

5,000-7,500 word essay


30 Credits

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