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MSc Law and Finance Modules

Module credits 2019-20

Please note that the credit framework for some postgraduate law programmes is changing from 22.5 credit modules to 15 and 30 credit modules for the academic year 2019-2020. This will not affect the overall credits that you take. Please also note that the modules shown here are subject to change.

General Pathway

You must take a total of 180 credits to include the Law and Finance Dissertation (45 credits), two law modules and three finance modules. The remaining credits to be selected from either of the optional finance or law modules.

Module availability: Not all options will be available every year.


Finance modules

Each finance module is worth 15 credits.

Semester A (15 credits)

Semester B (15 credits)

Law modules

  • 22.5 credit modules are taught over one semester, either A or B.

Semester A (22.5 credits)

  • QLLM164 Elements of Islamic Law**
  • QLLM150 Strategic Decision Making for Lawyers
  • QLLM155 Principles of Regulation
  • QLLM307 Economics of Competition Law
  • QLLM360 Banking Law: International
  • QLLM362 International Finance Law
  • QLLM364 Law and Finance in Emerging Economies
  • QLLM366 Regulation of Financial Markets
  • QLLM368 Corporate Rescue and Cross-border Insolvency
  • QLLM372 Corporate Finance Law
  • QLLM374 Law and Ethics in Finance
  • QLLM376 International Economic Law
  • QLLM377 EU Financial and Monetary Law
  • QLLM419 International Commercial Law
  • QLLM480 Compliance Systems in Practice
  • CCLE030 Accounting for Lawyers***
  • CCLE033 Risk Management in Law.

Semester B (22.5 credits)

  • QLLM165 Islamic Finance and Commercial Law**
  • QLLM310 Compliance in the Global Markets
  • QLLM361 Banking Law
  • QLLM363 International Finance Law Applied
  • QLLM365 Legal Aspects of Financing Development
  • QLLM367 International Financial Regulation
  • QLLM369 Financial Distress and Debt Restructuring
  • QLLM373 Mergers and Acquisitions
  • QLLM375 Corporate Governance and Responsibility in Finance
  • QLLM378 Securities Regulation
  • CCLE031 Derivatives in the Legal Context

**QLLM164 Elements of Islamic Law must be taken before commencing QLLM165 Islamic Finance and Commercial Law.

***CCLE030 Accounting for Lawyers and ECOM058 Principles of Accounting cannot be taken together.


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