School of Law

SOLM041 Alternative Dispute Resolution: Selected Issues (Not running 2019)

Module Description

This module seeks to explore specialised issues arising in dispute resolution processes that are alternative to conventional forms of adjudication. The module will examine selected issues in ADR and may include issues dealing with confidentiality and enforcement, issues of globalization and transplantation of ADR systems, ethics and morality in ADR, special areas of ADR application (for example, on-line dispute resolution), role of lawyers, the professionalisation of ADR, system design, for example.

ADR is a vibrant area of scholarship; it is impossible to give “yes” or “no” answers to most of the issues arising in scholarship. Therefore the module will employ a critical thinking and open discussion approach. It is expected that students will be willing to share the results of their analysis, research and supported opinions, and be involved in active discussion of all issues.

Applicable Groupings

Mode of Assessment

  • 2,000-3,000 word essay
  • 10-20 minutes oral presentation


15 Credits