School of Law

QLLM481 Animal Law and Welfare (Sem 1)

Module description

Animal law and welfare is an issue of considerable and growing importance for government policy-makers, particularly in the areas of international trade and development, as well as for national and domestic areas of entertainment, access and equality, welfare and liability, public liability, and health. This module brings together an interdisciplinary perspective on behaviour science, welfare, economics, and law. Students will undertake a comprehensive study of developments in animal welfare and behaviour as a basis for legislative and regulatory responses to animal welfare, management, and trade. Students will concentrate on companion animal law and welfare, in particular, including ownership and liability, entertainment, shelter and breeding industries, and the commercial pet industry and pet welfare. However, the course will also consider links with farm animal welfare, wild animals, and trade where pertinent. Animal welfare is also one of the key areas of policy debate in the current Brexit climate, and thus the introduction of the module at this time is relevant and significant. The course will develop a science-based approach to policy and legislative practice and development and will be one of the first of its kind in a UK graduate law school.

Applicable groupings

Mode of Assessment

5,000 word course essay


22.5 credits