School of Law

QLLM187 International Investment Law (Sem 1)

Cannot be taken with modules QLLM397/QLLM398.


Module Description:

This module offers a comprehensive treatment of international law governing foreign investments. It identifies and analyses the sources, scope and content of the substantive international law rules that determine investor-State relationships, and discusses their application in practice. It examines the international law context within which investment law rules emerge and the substantive principles and standards that apply to investor-state relationships. It highlights the overlaps, similarities and differences divergent investment legal instruments enabling students to give advice about the application of investment law in specific cases.

Module Aims:

This module aims to provide students with the appropriate tools to understand, identify and critically discuss the intricacies of international investment law . More specifically, on completion of this module students will be able to:

  • obtain a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the sources, scope and content of substantive international investment law rules. In order to attain this aim, the module will familiarise students with the nature and the multiplicity of sources of international investment law and will emphasise on their application and interpretation in practice.
  • identify and evaluate the overlaps, similarities and differences among divergent legal instruments ( for example Bilateral Investment Treaties and customary international law). In order to attain this aim, students will engage with analytical examination of legal principles and will consider which legal instrument is more favourable for the interests of foreign investors and investment-recipient states.

Applicable Programmes

  • LLM in Comparative and International Dispute Resolution
  • LLM in International Economic Law
  • LLM in International Business Law
  • LLM in Public International Law
  • Laws (General)
  • LLM Flexible Study.

Mode of Assessment:

5,000 word course essay


22.5 Credits