School of Law

CCLF004 Law and Finance Dissertation

Group dissertation presentation (10% of the total mark): The presentations will focus on an analysis of the Law, a economic/financial problem or policies where further problem definition and possibly data­ driven analysis is required. A key objective will be to shed new insights on relevant issues and offer some recommendations for future policy development or change in behaviour. It will require a literature review, data collection and analysis (qualitative and/or quantitative), discussion of results, analysis of policy implications which will be presented by the group to the rest of the class. Students will choose the presentation topic from a selection of research areas provided by the Programme Directors. Presentations take place during Semester I.

15,000 word dissertation (90% of the total mark): topic of your choice and  requires a demonstration of ability to carry out an original investigation into an area of interest. As such, the process should reflect skills of formulating research questions, synthesising and analysing data, drawing insights and conclusions, and written communication.  You will be guided through the dissertation process by a supervisor. Dissertations will be due at the end of Semester III. Please note that the focus of your dissertation will be dependent on the modules that you  choose. If you take more finance based modules your dissertation will have a law focus, and vice versa.


45 Credits