School of Law

Diploma in Law and Finance modules

Module credits 2019-20

Please note that the credit framework for some postgraduate law programmes is changing from 22.5 credit modules to 15 and 30 credit modules for the academic year 2019-2020. This will not affect the overall credits that you take. Please also note that the modules shown here are subject to change.

The Diploma in Law and Finance is available to study full-time for one year (12 months).

Students must take a total of 120 credits to include the core Dissertation - 90% /Group Presentation 10% (30 credits). The remaining 90 credits must be taken as one law module (45 credits) or two law modules (22.5 credits) and three finance module (15 credits).

Pre-sessional course (optional): Mathematics and Statistics (week 0)

Students who want to review concepts such as statistical distributions and matrix algebra have the option to attend modules during induction week (week zero) within the School of Economics and Finance.

Pre-sessional course (optional): Law (week 1): offered within the Centre of Commercial Law Studies

  • You will be also presented with basic Statistics and Statistical software (Eviews) - Semester A)
  • Quantitative Research methods for Lawyers - optional non-credit bearing (Semester B). Finance modules


Finance modules

Each finance module is worth 15 credits.

Semester A (15 credits)

Semester B (15 credits)

Law modules

  • 22.5 credit modules are taught over one semester, either A or B.

Semester A (15 or 30 credits)

Semester B  (15 or 30 credits)

**SOLM234 Accounting for Lawyers and ECOM058 Principles of Accounting cannot be taken together.

***SOLM015 Elements of Islamic Law must be taken before commencing SOLM016 Islamic Finance and Commercial Law.

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