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School of Law

SOLM250 Advocacy and Mooting (Aviation or Shipping) (B21)

Module Description

This module offers the students the opportunity to sharpen their advocacy skills in aviation or shipping by working on carefully-crafted hypothetical scenarios which may be based on cases pending before the courts or modeled on high-profile cases that have attracted significant attention. The module simulates court or arbitration proceedings by familiarising the students with the procedural rules applicable, the substantive issues of the dispute in question, the formulation of legal arguments in the written submissions to the court/tribunal and their oral defense at the hearing. The module follows two routes, one on aviation and one on shipping. Students can select one route only. The assessment is based, on the one hand, on the written submissions to the court/tribunal and, on the other hand, on the oral performance at the hearing. 

Applicable Groupings

Mode of Assessment

  • 50% Oral Presentation
  • 50% Written Submission


15 Credits