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SOLM229 Art and Intellectual Property (B23)

Module Description

This module will examine the interplay between art and intellectual property, in particular copyright, including digital issues. The module will involve a comparative approach, looking in depth at the protection of intangible rights in the UK, before comparing this with the regimes of other countries (namely France and the United States). the module will focus on the related intellectual property rights that impact the art trade: moral rights and the artists’ resale right. The module will then look specifically at museum and gallery practice to see the effect of the 2014 UK copyright changes. This will cover the two ‘orphan works’ schemes, extended collective licensing and the new copyright exceptions, many of which are aimed specifically at the museum and heritage sector.

Applicable Groupings

This module is not available on the Laws LLM.

Mode of Assessment

7,500 word essay


30 Credits

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