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School of Law

SOLM150 Admiralty (B21)

Module Description

No aspiring maritime (or shipping) lawyer can claim to be educated without at least some knowledge of the law relating to maritime claims. Indeed, such knowledge is invaluable to anyone who aspires eventually to work in shipping or international trade, whether as a lawyer in a law firm, as a legal advisor in-house, or in a P & I Club. While the emphasis will be the admiralty practice and procedure in England, the jurisprudence of other jurisdictions, namely Australia and South Africa, as well as international conventions on arrests of ships and on maritime liens and mortgages. No account will be taken of the special difficulties which fall within the ambit of the conflict of laws (or private international law), significant to a practitioner though these are. The module will cover the Admiralty jurisdiction and its nature; Maritime, statutory and possessory liens: legal characteristics; transferability; assignment; extinction; accrual of statutory liens; The exercise of Admiralty jurisdiction: limitations on the exercise of jurisdiction; time of invocation; residual matters; arrest scenarios; Priorities: generally; non-admiralty principles; admiralty principles; priorities and maritime liens;  priorities and possessory liens; statutory liens; execution creditors; alteration of the prima facie order;

Applicable Groupings

Mode of Assessment

2.15 hour examination


15 Credits