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School of Law

SOLM109 New Medical Technologies: Emerging Technologies (Not running 2021-22)

Module Description

This module introduces the ethical, social and regulatory issues arising in the context of selected emerging technologies in healthcare.  The syllabus below is indicative only, and will change from year to year as new technologies become more salient and timely for discussion.


Week 1:
1. Therapy and enhancement
2. The human, the transhuman and the posthuman

Week 2:
3. Clinical genomics
4. Genome editing in human reproduction

Week 3:
5. Behaviour change, nudges and incentives
6. The quantified self and self-tracking technologies

Week 4:
7. Health, social media and the internet of things
8. Decision support and machine learning in diagnostics and therapeutics

Week 5:
9. Robotics in surgery and telemedicine
10. Robotics in "social care"

Applicable Groupings

  • LLM in Medical Law

Mode of Assessment

2.15 hour examination


15 Credits