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School of Law

SOLM103 Law's Relations: Autonomy, Consent and Confidentiality (Not running 2021-22)

Module Description

This module considers the different aspects of consent to treatment for capacitous adults and mature 'Gillick competent' children,  from perspectives which respect autonomy and seek to support relationships which foster autonomy.   We will examine current legal standards for information disclosure and voluntariness as aspects of consent and ask how such legal standards could be improved in order to support autonomy as one of law's relations.

Week 1: Autonomy and Relationality: Capacitous consent to treatment and its limits
Week 2: Informing consent and the doctor/patient relationship
Week 3: Voluntariness and vulnerability
Week 4: Disclosure of confidential information with and without consent
Week 5: Children's consent and confidentiality: Beyond Gillick?

Applicable Groupings

  • LLM in Legal Theory 

Mode of Assessment

3,000-4,000 word essay


15 Credits