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LLM Year Planner

The LLM programmes can be taken either full-time (over a year) or part-time (over two years). The LLM academic year runs from September to September.

LLM Academic Calendar for 2019-20

Enrolment and Induction
13 September - 27 September 2019
  • College enrolment will take place on 13 - 15 September (appointments can be booked through the pre-enrolment task which will be sent to you in late August) or with the LLM group on Monday 16 September (provisional). If you do not book a slot 13 - 15 September, details of when you can enrol on 16 September will be emailed to you a few days before the start of the programme.
  • Induction events will be held over a two-week period from Tuesday 17 September until Friday 27 September.
  • A draft programme of events will be available on the induction section of the website later in the summer. A draft programme of induction events will be available on a special Induction section of the website later in the summer. The first week of induction includes our 4 residential trips to Cumberland Lodge – information on which will be emailed to all students later in the summer. (Trips allocated on first come first served basis) Look out for your email! At the end of the Induction period you will need to select your modules. The induction programme is designed to assist you with this process.
Semester One: 30 September to 13 December 2019 (11 weeks)
30 September 2019

Teaching begins. During this period you will be attending lectures and tutorials. In December, you will have to submit a provisional title and outline of your required dissertation, in the area of your LLM programme.

Winter vacation Winter vacation runs from 14 December 2019 until 20 January 2020. This will be a five-week break from teaching. You will want to use this time to consolidate and develop the work you have done in your first semester and finalise any Semester 1 assessment essays due in January  and to prepare for any January exams that you may have.
Semester Two: 20 January to 3 April 2020 (11 weeks)
6-17 January 2020 January exams and semester 1 coursework submission take place during these weeks. 
20 January 2020 Start of Semester Two. You will be attending your Semester 2 modules and working with your allocated supervisor on your dissertation.
Spring Vacation Spring vacation runs from 10 April 2020 until 5 May 2020. This will be a four-week break from teaching. You will want to use this time to consolidate and develop the work you have done in your second semester and finalise any Semester 2 assessment essays due in April  and to prepare for any May exams that you may have.
Semester Three: 5 May to 29 May 2020 (or on completion of exams if later)
5 May Start of Semester Three - no regular teaching. Some revision classes and dissertation support seminars will be available. It is important that students remain on campus where possible during this period to continue with their research for the compulsory dissertation and to take advantage of any additional support provided.
5 May-29 May

Examination period for modules assessed by formal examinations, typically a two or three-hour unseen paper. Some modules may use different assessment methods, which will be made clear during the module selection process and is also noted on the module descriptions on this website.

Mid July 2020 Provisional marks for Exams and course essays will be available.
Mid-June to Mid-August 2020 Dissertation writing up and completion period.
3-14 August 2020 This is the Summer resit period for students who need to retake an exam or resubmit a failed course essay. Usually over a two week period in early August.
17 August 2020 You will need to submit your dissertation for marking.
Late October 2020 Results time! You will be notified of your results via your individual MYSIS (online student information system) very soon after the meeting of the LLM Board of Examiners in October.
December 2020 Graduation ceremonies. Many LLM students return to Queen Mary University of London for a graduation ceremony to celebrate their achievement with family and friends.
LLM residential induction
LLM Cumberland Lodge induction


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