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CCLS Associate Programmes

How to apply

To apply for any of the programmes below, please contact Sharon Watson at

Associate/Occasional Programmes

The Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS) offers specific associate and occasional programmes for those wishing to attend, but not be examined or receive academic credit.

The core associate/occasional attendee programme is aimed at those who may well already be working within the profession, but wish to update their knowledge in specific areas.

The programme is aimed at those who wish to attend one or two modules, simply for information purposes. There is no examination criteria and no academic credits awarded

  • One 45 Credit Module - £1,850 - Application code - M2QX
  • Two 45 Credit Modules - £3,600 - Application code - M2QY

Modules are offered across the LLM, MSc Law and Finance and Diploma programmes, and are accredited by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and Bar Standards Board and confer CPD points. Occasional, non-award seeking students who register for one or two modules can obtain CPD points through attendance of classes.

CCLS-Associate Programmes in Commercial Law (CCLS-APCL)

The CCLS-Associate Programmes in Commercial Law (CCLS-APCL) programme allows students to study at CCLS for one or two semesters as part of their home institutions requirements for international study. Associate Students can choose to take between one and six modules at postgraduate level taught within the Centre for Commercial Law Studies.  

Attendees are fully registered students with access to all CCLS events and facilities of the University.

Students attending the programme would usually undertake an assessment by way of a 5,000 word essay per module attended, submitted at the end of the study period. The results are then forwarded to your home institution for final consideration. We will work in unison with your home institution to meet any specific assessment requirements during your attendance of the CCLS-APCL programme.

Fees 2018-19

The fees for this programme will vary according to how many modules you undertake.

One semester (January or September start)

22.5 credits = 11 ECTS 

Two semesters (September start)

Module = 45 credits

1 module                                                         £1,500 1 module                                                         £2,700
2 modules                                                       £2,500 2 modules                                                       £4,500
3 modules                                                       £3,450 3 modules                                                       £5,200
4 modules                                                       £4,600 4 modules                                                       £6,400
5 modules                                                       £5,750 5 modules                                                       £7,800
6 modules                                                       £6,000 6 modules                                                       £9,000

Partner Associate Programmes


Academic Director is Professor Julia Hornle -

Attendees select two modules from the IP/IT Specialisation module list and are required to undertake a 5,000 word essay in each module.

EULISP Associate Students - 1 semester January start

Application Code M1EP

Leibniz University of Hannover Students

Academic Mentor: Professor Julia Hornle

Fees are £2,500

CCLS - Madrid

Academic Director is Dr Noam Shemtov (

Attendees select two modules from the IP/IT Specialisation module list and are required to undertake a 5,000 word essay in each module.

Madrid Associate Students - 1 semester

Application Code M1EP

Universidad Autonoma De Madrid  Students

Academic Mentor Dr Noam Shemtov

Fees are £2,500