School of Law

Visiting staff

Hidden NameNamePositionExpertiseDoL/CCLS
Berman, Paul Schiff Berman, Paul Schiff Visiting Professor DoL
Buttigieg, Eugène Buttigieg, Eugène Visiting Professor DoL
Edwards, Anthony Edwards, Anthony Visiting Professor Criminal law DoL
Ferguson, Bob Ferguson, Bob Visiting Professor DoL
Flippen, Edward L. Flippen, Edward L. Visiting Senior Research Fellow DoL
Fortson, Rudi Fortson, Rudi Visiting Professor DoL
Lindseth, Peter Lindseth, Peter Visiting Professor of Law EU Public Law, Comparative Administrative Law, US Administrative Law, Institutional Change, Legal History of Public Governance DoL
Manacorda, Stefano Manacorda, Stefano Visiting Professor DoL
Figueroa, Pablo Figueroa, Pablo Visiting Lecturer DoL
Svasti Salee, Joy Svasti Salee, Joy Visiting Professorial Fellow DoL
Spencer, Nigel Spencer, Nigel Visiting Industry Professor Law Firm Management and Strategy, Innovation in Legal Services, Leadership Development and Coaching DoL
Xin, Tang Xin, Tang Visiting Professor DoL
van der Burg, Wibren van der Burg, Wibren Legal Theory, Legal Philosophy, Interdisciplinary Legal Research Methods DoL
Brynmor-Thomas QC David Brynmor-Thomas QC, David Honorary Professor CCLS
Svasti-Salee Joy Svasti-Salee, Joy Visiting Professorial Fellow Taxation CCLS
Blakeney Michael Blakeney, Michael Visiting Professor CCLS
Aikens Richard Aikens, Richard Visiting Professor CCLS
kendall David kendall, David Visiting Professor CCLS
Maniatis Spyros Maniatis, Spyros Honorary Professor Competition law, Intellectual property law, Trade Mark law CCLS
Heffron Raphael Heffron, Raphael Jean Monnet Professor in Energy and Natural Resources Law and Policy Energy and Natural Resources Law and Policy CCLS
Callender Smith Robin Callender Smith, Robin Honorary Professor of Media Law CCLS
Roberts Gwilym Roberts, Gwilym Visiting Professor CCLS
Girvin Stephen Girvin, Stephen Visiting Professors CCLS
Roberts Graham Roberts, Graham Visiting Professorial Fellow CCLS
Koufopoulos Dimitrios Koufopoulos , Dimitrios Visiting Professor, School of Law, Center for Commercial and Law Studies, Queen Mary University CCLS
Goode Sir Roy Goode, Sir Roy Visiting Professorial Fellow CCLS
Randell Charles Randell, Charles Visiting Professorial Fellow CCLS
Cahill Patrick Cahill, Patrick Visiting Fellow Clinical legal education, commercial law and entrepreneurship CCLS
Staikouras Panagiotis Staikouras, Panagiotis Research Fellow at IGLEF CCLS
Khodykin Roman Khodykin, Roman Visiting Professor CCLS
Wiseman Imogen Wiseman, Imogen Visiting Fellow CCLS
Wuermeling Ulrich Wuermeling, Ulrich Visiting Professor CCLS
Farkas Thomas Farkas, Thomas Visiting Industry Senior Lecturer CCLS
Frabboni Maria Frabboni, Maria Visiting Lecturer CCLS
Szyszczak Erika Szyszczak, Erika Visiting Professor CCLS
Murray Edward Murray, Edward Visiting Professor Commercial Law, Financial Law, Private International Law CCLS
Festinger, Q.C. Jon Festinger, Q.C., Jon Honorary Industry Professor CCLS
Percival Yonit Percival, Yonit Visiting Lecturer CCLS
Proctor Charles Proctor, Charles Visiting Professorial Fellow CCLS
Ward Conor Ward, Conor Industry Professor CCLS
Karen Squibb-Williams Karen Karen Squibb-Williams, Karen Visiting Industry Professor Barrister CCLS
Mitchiner James Mitchiner , James CCLS
Jones AO Doug Jones AO, Doug Visiting Professor International Construction Law, International Construction Contracts and Arbitration, and International Commercial Arbitration CCLS
Liu Junhai Liu, Junhai Commercial law CCLS
Goldberg David Goldberg, David Senior Visiting Fellow, Institute of Computers and Communications Law Media and communications law, the right to information, law and regulation of non-military/state drones CCLS
Silberman Linda J. Silberman, Linda J. Honorary Professor Civil Procedure, Litigation, Arbitration, Commercial law CCLS
Buchheit Lee C Buchheit, Lee C Visiting Professorial Fellow Banking and Financial Institutions, Sovereign Governments and International Institutions, Privatizations, Project Finance and Infrastructure, Africa, Middle East and North Africa, Asia, Latin America, United States CCLS
Chatterjee C Chatterjee, C Visiting Professorial Fellow for European Banking and Finance Banking and finance law CCLS
Wright Gordon Wright, Gordon Intellectual property law CCLS
Smith QC Marion Smith QC, Marion Visiting Senior Lecturer Banking & Financial Services, Energy, Insurance, Infrastructure, Media & Entertainment, Retail, Shipping & Commodities CCLS
Oron Gadi Oron, Gadi Visiting Professor Intellectual Property, International Copyright Law CCLS
Skrein Michael Skrein, Michael Visiting Industry Professor Administrative law, intellectual property law, media law CCLS
Norton Joseph Jude Norton, Joseph Jude Honorary Professor Banking, international economic law CCLS
Firth Alison Firth, Alison Visiting Professor Intellectual property, competition law CCLS
von Mühlendahl Alexander von Mühlendahl, Alexander Visiting Professor Intellectual property law CCLS