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School of Law

Dr Kara Tan Bhala, BSc (Cass School of Business); MPhil (Oxford); MA (New York); MA, PhD (Kansas)


Visiting Research Fellow



                                           Kansas City, Missouri.

                                           President and Founder

2015 - 2017                         Queen Mary University of London, The Centre for Commercial Law Studies

                                           London, England

                                           Visiting Research Fellow

2003 - 2013                         BOOK FARM

                                           Lawrence, Kansas.

                                           Farm Manager

2007 - 2013                         THE UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS

                                           Lawrence, Kansas.

                                           Lecturer in Finance

1992 - 2001                         MERRILL LYNCH ASSET MANAGEMENT

                                           Princeton, N.J.

                                           Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager,

                                           Merrill Lynch Dragon Fund,

                                           Merrill Lynch Dragon Portfolio, and

                                           Merrill Lynch Emerging Tigers Fund

1990 - 1992                         FIDUCIARY TRUST INTERNATIONAL

                                           New York, N.Y.

                                           Vice President, Institutional Investments

                                           Director, Fiduciary Trust (Far East), Hong Kong

1988 - 1990                         JAMES CAPEL INCORPORATED

                                           (part of Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation)

                                           New York, N.Y.

                                           Vice President, Institutional Sales

1986 - 1988                          JAMES CAPEL (FAR EAST) LTD.


                                           Senior Investment Analyst




  • The Moral Foundations of Financial Ethics in Research Handbook on Ethics in Banking and Finance, eds., Costanza Russo, Rose Lastra and Bill Blair. Edward Elgar Publishing: Cheltenham, England, 2016.

Books published

  • The Decline and Rise of Financial Ethics in Professionalism and Ethics in Business and Finance, ed., Raymond Madden. Asian Institute of Finance: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2016.
  • International Investment Management: Theory, Ethics, and Practice. Co-authors, Warren Yeh and Raj Bhala, Routledge: London, England, 2016.
  • Fortifying Virtue Ethics: Recognizing the Essential Roles of Eudaimonia and Phronesis.  ProQuest: Ann Arbor, Michigan, 2009.
  • The Asian Growth Paradigm as an Investment Tool, Handbook of Portfolio Management, ed. Frank Fabozzi, June 1998, pp. 303-319.
  • Articles
  • Asia: Rich in Problems and Prospects, Asian Affairs: Journal of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs (London), vol. XXX, pt. III, October, 1999, pp. 259-268 (lead article).
  • Twilight of the Despots, Harvard International Review, vol. XXI, no.2, Spring 1999, pp. 22-26.
  • In Praise of Intervention, Far Eastern Economic Review, September 3, 1998, p. 29.
  • Patterns of Asian Growth, Asian Affairs: Journal of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs (London), vol. 28, pt. I, February 1998, pp. 39-53.
  • Investing in the Stages of East Asia’s Economic Growth, The Financier, vol. 4, no.3, August, 1997, pp. 6-17.
  • Hong Kong Reborn: Why Asia’s Big Test Case Will Succeed, The Christian Science Monitor, January 9, 1996, pp. 18-19.

Public Engagement

Uehiro Centre, Oxford University, UK
St. Cross Special Ethics Series>
Ethics in finance: A New Financial Theory for a Post-Financialized World (May, 2013)

KAIST School of Business, Seoul, Korea
Ethics in finance: Its desolate history and its fruitful future (August, 2012)

The Heidelberg Institute of Latin America, Santiago, Chile
Ethics in finance: Its desolate history and its fruitful future (June, 2012)

Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas>
International Officer Program.
International Financial Markets (2006 – 2013).

Bursa Malaysia (Stock Exchange of Malaysia, 6 February 2017>
Women in International Business

International Trade Council of Kansas City
Keynote Speech
8 March 2017

Financial Ethics in the Age of Trump
University of Auckland School of Law
New Zealand Center for Law and Business
Legal Research Foundation
June 6th, 2017

The Global Business Ethics Symposium at Bentley University, June 15th, 2017.

The Transparency Symposium at Mercer Consulting, September 28th, 2017.


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