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Professor Eugène Buttigieg, LLD (Melit.); LLM (Exon.); PhD (Lond.); Judge (General Court of the EU)


Visiting Professor


Professor Eugène Buttigieg is a Visiting Professor of Competition Law at Queen Mary University of London. He has been serving as a judge at the EU’s General Court in Luxembourg since 2012.

He holds the position of Associate Professor in European and Comparative Law at the University of Malta where he has enjoyed a distinguished academic career (since 1994)and is the holder of a Jean Monnet Chair in EU Law (since 2009). He has lectured at universities in Istanbul and Luxembourg. He has served in a number of positions in the Maltese public service, including as Senior Legal Officer at the Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs, Member of the Copyright Board, Board Member of the Malta Resources Authority and Legal Advisor on consumer and competition law to various Ministries as well as to the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority, apart from serving as a legal consultant on EU law in the private sector.

He graduated LLD from the University of Malta in 1986 and went on to obtain, as a Chevening Scholar, an LLM in European Legal Studies (with distinction) from the University of Exeter and a PhD in Competition Law from the University of London. He has authored numerous publications in the fields of competition law, consumer law, intellectual property and EU law and he is the co-founder and vice-president of the Maltese Association for European Law.

Postgraduate Teaching

  • LLM programmes in Competition Law



Books and Monographs

  • Competition Law: Safeguarding the Consumer Interest. A Comparative Analysis of US Antitrust Law and EC Competition Law (Kluwer, 2009)
  • Intellectual Property Law in Malta - Supplement 45 of the International Encyclopaedia of Laws: Intellectual Property (Kluwer, 2008).

Edited Books

  • Rights and Remedies for the Consumer in the European Union (Gutenberg Press, 2013)
  • Rights and Remedies in a Liberalised and Competitive Internal Market (Gutenberg Press, 2012)
  • Enforcing One’s Rights Under EU Law (Gutenberg Press, 2011).

Chapters in edited collections

  • Chapter 10 "Vertical Conduct: Resale Price Maintenance" in Comparative Competition Law (eds J Duns, B Sweeney and A Duke), Edward Elgar Publishing (2015)
  • "General Court"s Standard of Review in Competition Cases and the ECHR" in Competition Law within a Framework of Rights: Applying the Charter and the Convention (ed T Harles-Walch), Larcier (2015)
  • FIDE National Report in The Interface between European Union Energy, Environmental and Competition Law (ed J Laffranque), Tartu University Press (2012) (co-author)
  • "Damage Caused by GMOs under Maltese Law’ in Damage Caused by Genetically Modified Organisms: Comparative Survey of Redress Options for Harm to Persons, Property or the Environment (Tort and Insurance Law, vol. 27) (ed BA Koch), Walter de Gruyter Berlin/New York (2010)
  • Chapter 44 of Anti-Cartel Enforcement Worldwide (eds M Dabbah and B Hawk), Cambridge University Press (2009)
  • "Competition Policy in Small Jurisdictions" in Politics Triumphs Economics? (eds PS Mehta and SJ Evenett), CUTS International (2009) (co-author)
  • "Economic Loss caused by GMOs in Malta’ in Economic Loss Caused by Genetically Modified Crops: Liability and Redress for the Adventitious Presence of GMOs in Non-GM Crops (Tort and Insurance Law, vol. 24) (ed BA Koch), Vienna/New York: Springer (2008)
  • Chapter in Guide to European Company Laws 3rd edn (ed J Maitland-Walker), Sweet & Maxwell (2008)
  • Chapter 19 of Competition Cases from the European Union (ed I Kokkoris), Sweet & Maxwell (2008) (revised in 2nd edn 2010) (co-author)
  • Chapter 12 ‘Malta’s Citizenship Law: Evolution and Current Regime’ in Citizenship Policies in the New Europe (eds R Baubock, B Perchinig and W Sievers), Amsterdam University Press (2007) (revised in 2nd edn 2009)
  • Chapter 36 of Merger Control Worldwide (eds M Dabbah and P Lasok), Cambridge University Press (2005) (revised in Second Supplement May 2008) (co-author)
  • FIDE National Report in The Modernisation of EU Competition Law Enforcement in the EU (ed D Cahill), Cambridge University Press (2004).

Articles in refereed national and international journals

  • ‘Standardul de control al Tribunalului Uniunii Europene în cauze de concurenţă şi Convenţia europeană a drepturilor omului’ (2016) 4 Revista Română de Drept European 11
  • "Lingering Uncertainty over the Antitrust Approach to Resale Price Maintenance" (2010) 1 Journal of Competition Law and Practice 397
  • ‘Consumer and Competition Policies: Synergy Needed’ (2005) 15 Consumer Policy Review 192 (also reproduced in the book Competition Policy: A Multilateral Approach (ed MG Deepika), ICFAI University Press 2006)
  • ‘Consumer Interests and the Antitrust Approach to Abusive Practices by Dominant Firms’ (2005) 16 European Business Law Review 1191
  • ‘Consumer Interests under the EC’s Competition Rules on Collusive Practices’ (2005) 16 European Business Law Review 643
  • "Notes from a Small Island", The European Advocate, Autumn 2004 (Malta issue) 12
  • ‘Vertical Agreements and Concerted Practices in the Motor Vehicle Sector under EC Competition Law – Implications for European Consumers’ (2003) 14 European Business Law Review 743.
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