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School of Law

Justine Noelle Stefanelli




Thesis title

Due Process and the Criminalisation of Immigration in the UK and the US (working title).


Summary of Research

I am examining the impact that recent trends to criminalise immigration have had on the due process rights of migrants liable to detention and deportation. In so doing, I will obtain a coherent picture of the content and nature of due process rights for migrants in this context, with a view toward further understanding how the patchwork nature of immigration law has resulted in lower standards of due process.


In addition to pursuing her PhD at Queen Mary, Justine is a full-time associate senior research fellow at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law in London. Justine holds a BA in Psychology from Duquesne University (US), a Juris Doctor (LLB) from the University of Pittsburgh (US) with a specialisation in international and comparative law where she was awarded an International Fellowship to study European Law in Brussels, as well as the CALI Excellence Award in criminal law. She also completed a dissertation concerning the status of the European Software Patent as of May 2005. Justine also holds an honours certificate in European Law studies from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium), and an LLM in European Law studies from Queen Mary University of London, specifically focused on the European Internal Market and Justice and Home Affairs. She is qualified as a lawyer in the US, having passed the bar in the state of Pennsylvania in November of 2005.


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