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School of Law

Pauline Martini


PhD Student




‘Plurality of Authorities and Accountability for International Crimes: Divergence or Congruence? Lessons from Colombia and the Central African Republic’ (provisional)


Summary of research

Pauline’s research examines the tensions arising from the plurality of authorities exercising powers related to accountability for international crimes, and their political drivers. It tackles the relationship between the International Criminal Court and mechanisms of transitional justice, focusing particularly on Colombia and the Central African Republic. 


Pauline holds a Master’s Degree in Law with specialisation in Criminal Law from the University of Liège (Belgium) and an LLM in Public International Law from Leiden University (The Netherlands). She participated in the 2018 Jean-Pictet Competition (International Humanitarian Law) and her team won the 2019 ICC Moot Court Competition (International Criminal Law). She has professional experience in International Criminal Law and Public International Law, including at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, and is a legal consultant in the field. She also worked as a teaching assistant in Public International Law at Brussels University (Belgium) during the academic year 2020-2021. She started her doctoral studies in International Criminal Law and Transitional Justice at Queen Mary University of London in September 2020 and is a recipient of a Graduate Teaching Assistantship since September 2021. 


  • Maud Sarliève, Nigel Povoas, Pauline Martini and Joe Holt, ‘Communication under Article 15 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court regarding the Commission of Crimes Against Humanity against Environmental Dependents and Defenders in the Brazilian Legal Amazon from January 2019 to present’ filed on 12 October 2021, available at <>.
  • Pauline Martini and Maud Sarliève, ‘Fighting Deforestation in Non-International Armed Conflicts: The Relevance of the Rome Statute for Rosewood Trafficking in Senegal’ (2021) Transnational Environmental Law, available at <>
  • Pauline Martini, ‘The International Criminal Court versus the African Criminal Court: A Remodelling of the Principle of Complementarity as a Solution to Potential Conflicts of Jurisdiction between the Courts’ (2020) 18(5) Journal of International Criminal Justice 1185


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