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School of Law

Daanika R. Kamal

Daanika R.

PhD Student



Thesis Title

Implications of Psychiatric Labelling on the Credibility of Victim Testimony in Cases of Intimate Partner Violence


Dr Ruth Fletcher and Dr Leila Ullrich

Summary of Research

This thesis aims to study the implications of psychiatric labelling on the reliability and testimonial legitimacy of victims in cases of intimate partner violence. It will determine if and how a victim’s psychiatric diagnosis, or the psychiatric labels applied to her are (mis)used by defendants and their attorneys to delegitimize and discredit her testimony in legal cases relating to IPV. The study will additionally assess how these narratives inform the discursive practices of judges during trials and appeals, and to what extent it may further victimize victims of IPV within criminal justice processes.


Daanika specializes in human rights law, focusing on access to justice and rights protections of the most marginalized segments of society. She was awarded an LLM with distinction from the University of Warwick in 2015, and is an internationally published author and editor in the fields of gender empowerment, climate change, law and mental health. Daanika joined the School of Law at Queen Mary University of London in 2020, to commence her doctoral studies as a recipient of the Principal’s Research Studentship.