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School of Law

Paul Jennings


PhD Student



Thesis title

Bills of rights in transitional justice states: a study of Latin American and Africa.


 and Dr Jessie Hohmann


Paul Jennings is a PhD Candidate and Teaching Associate at Queen Mary. He gained his LLB Law (Hons) and LLM in Human Rights Law (Distinction) at the same institution. His PhD is currently titled, 'Bills of Rights in Transitional Justice States’, with broader research interests in human rights and the rule of law at national, regional and international levels. Paul is also an active member of the London Irish Abortion Rights Campaign, and has been published in the European Human Rights Law Review on the issue of reproductive rights. He has been teaching on the first year core module, Public Law, since September 2017.

Summary of research

Bills of rights have proliferated around the world both before and after transitional justice emerged as a field of inquiry. However, the relationship between a national bill of rights and the process of transitional justice has not yet been explored in any depth by scholars of law or transitional justice. The purpose of Jennings' research is to fill this gap in scholarship and, utilising examples from transitional justice states in Latin America and Africa, identify the key elements of this relationship. The overarching purpose is to determine what form of a bill of rights it is best for a state undergoing transitional justice to adopt in order to achieve the most successful transition from conflict and the process which should be followed to draft it.


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