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School of Law

Salvatore Fasciana


PhD Student



Thesis Title

The Implementation of Gamers' Bill of Rights Within the Current Interactive Entertainment Industry.


Dr Gaetano Dimita and Professor Gavin Sutter

Thesis Summary

My thesis aims to investigate whether Interactive Entertainment and video game are eligible for dedicated protection in terms of rights for gamers. The drafting of gamers' bill of right is my thesis final achievement and each right will represent one of the main legal challenges occurring within Interactive Entertainment industry.


Salvatore is a full-time PhD student at Queen Mary, University of London and of counsel for VGS lawyers, an Italian Law firm based in Milan and London, for privacy and GDPR sectors. After his Italian master degree and his Training Contract, he completed his LLM in Media Law at Queen Mary, University of London investigating topics related to Interactive Entertainment such as: "loot boxes and video game" or "Youtube Video game play as derivative works".


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