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School of Law

Jingzhao Fan


PhD Student



Thesis title

Foreign direct investment: A comparative legal study in the UK, Russia and China.


Professor Loukas Mistelis

Research abstract

Nowadays, most governments have realized that FDI is an important source of the capital and technology necessary for economic development and they are trying to seek new ways to induce foreign investors to locate within their jurisdiction. Law of investment, in general, is a branch of a law consisting of the set of rules that regulate investment. Investment law may be either international law on foreign investment or national law. In recent years, UK, Russia and China have changed the legislation and have made new reforms to attract FDI. In developing countries, there are some new problems and challenges to make the balance between national enterprises and foreign investors. The dissertation is to study different legal systems of FDI and give suggestions to legislators from developing countries.


Jingzhao has international educational background in the UK, Russia and China on full scholarships, publishing nine papers in reputable scholarly journals and edited volumes. She got full scholarships from Hague Academy of International Law in 2019. In recent years, her publications include several essays and conference papers on structuring foreign direct investment into Asian developing countries and Russia and some comparative research including the English law. She is an active doctoral student who enjoys learning about the latest legal knowledges and practical cases through international forums, summer schools, seminars, and conferences. She understands English, Russian, Chinese, and Korean, a set of advantages that have contributed to her research and communications with foreign colleagues.

Teaching and Research Interests

Investment law, business law, EU law, comparative legal research, international arbitration, Chinese law

List of publications

  • Legal basis of business in China, book editor, Publisher RCLO, 2018
  • New Legislative trends of Russian and Chinese investment regulations, Proceedings of the International legal conference about public procurement in Moscow, 08th June 2018
  • Soft legislation on the protection of worldwide animals in animal-friendly tourism, Proceeding of Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, July 2018
  • Right to be forgotten in Europe and private right on the internet, Proceedings of the law summer school in Moscow, August 2016
  • Foreign Direct Investments: The Problem of Definition of the Concept, Proceedings of the International Scientific and Practical Conference, February 10th, 2018
  • Peculiarities of the application of tax legislation in relation to corporations in the free port of Vladivostok (III Ozerinskie readings), 21.12.2015
  • Analysis of the risks of the investment and pertinent legal regulations between Russia and China under the Chinese strategic policy of One Belt One Road, Proceedings of International scientific-practical conference in FEFU), 10.2016
  • Stability of the constitutional system as the basis for the harmonization of social relations in China (Proceedings of X Constitutional Readings) 12.2015
  • Legal analysis of the contract of purchase and sale in electronic form via the Internet, Academic Journal Commonwealth, 2016 №.3,
  • "Research on National Information Security Legislation under the Framework of International Public Law", Academic Journal Vitality, city Harbin, 2014


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