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School of Law

Dr Marco Bodellini


Associate Lecturer in Banking and Financial Law

Room Number: Lincoln’s Inn Fields


Dr Marco Bodellini is an Associate Lecturer in Banking and Financial Law at Queen Mary University of London – Centre for Commercial Law Studies, where he is the module convener of Investment Banking Law and Securities Regulation. He is also an adjunct professor at University of Bologna where he teaches Company Law. In the past, he was a visiting foreign scholar at Fordham University in New York and a research fellow at University of Bologna. He delivered guest lectures at New York University (London Campus), Fordham University in New York, University of Bologna and Link University in Rome. He earned a PhD in Business Law from LUISS University in Rome in 2013, defending a doctoral thesis on the critical issues of cooperative banks’ corporate governance arrangements. He has published a number of books and articles in US, UK and European peer reviewed journals in the areas of bank crisis and restructuring, corporate governance of banking and financial institutions and investment fund regulation.

He is an editorial board member of Business Law Review (Wolters Kluwer International), Financial Regulation International (Informa Law) and Studi e Dialoghi Giuridici – Critical Studies in Private Law (Eurilink University Press). He is also a referee for European Business Organization Law Review (Springer). He is regularly invited to speak at international conferences on matters related to banking and financial regulation.

Dr Marco Bodellini is a qualified lawyer admitted to the Italian Bar Association.


  • Bank crisis and restructuring
  • Corporate governance of banks and financial institutions
  • Financial stability and systemic risk
  • International collective investment scheme regulation


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