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School of Law

Mr Rod Edmunds, BA (Cantab), LLB (Cantab)


Senior Lecturer

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 3948
Room Number: Mile End


Rod Edmunds joined Queen Mary in 2003. He was previously Senior Lecturer at Sussex University, Director of Education at D J Freeman & Co, and Lecturer at the University of Nottingham. Mr Edmunds graduated from Downing College, Cambridge with a BA (Law) and LLB (specialising in Public International Law).

Undergraduate Teaching

  • LAW4006 Land Law
  • LAW5003 Equity and Trusts


Mr Edmunds' research interests reflect two main areas. The first relates to property law matters broadly defined. This involves looking at: the impact of property rights (and planning controls) on residential space; statutory wills and capacity to arrange property and financial affairs; and issues flowing form the operation of the fiduciary status and duties of the trustee and company director. The second research focus is the ground-breaking legal regime contained in the Rome Statute that is designed to facilitate victim participation at the International Criminal Court.


Key publications

  • (with John Lowry) ‘The Reform of Insurance Warranties: Looking Beyond the Past’ in Paul S Davies and Magda Raczynska (eds) The Contents of Commercial Contracts: Terms Affecting Freedoms. (Hart Publishing, Oxford) chapter 19
  • (with Emily Haslam) 'Whose Number is it Anyway?: Common Legal Representation, Consultations and the ‘Statistical Victim’' (2017) 15 Journal of International Criminal Justice 931-952 
  • (with John Lowry) 'Relieving The Trustee-Solicitor: A Modern Perspective on Section 61 of the Trustee Act 1925?'  [2017] Law Quarterly Review 223-243
  • (with John Lowry) 'Directors' duties and liabilities: Disqualifying 'unfit' directors at banks? Political rhetoric and the directors' disqualification regime.' in H Y Chiu and M McKee (eds) The Law on Corporate Governance in Banks (Edward Elgar, Cheltenham), 75-98
  • (with Emily Haslam) ‘Victim Participation, Politics and the Construction of Victims at the International Criminal Court: Reflections on Proceedings in Banda and Jerbo’ (2014) 14(2) Melbourne Journal of International Law 727-747
  • (with John Lowry) ‘Of Resigning Directors: Lessons in Reform’ (2013) 43 Hong Kong Law Journal 55-77
  • (with Emily Haslam) ‘Managing a New Partnership: Professionalization, Intermediaries and the International Criminal Court’ (2013) Criminal Law Forum 49-85
  • (with Emily Haslam) ‘Common Legal Representation at the International Criminal Court: More Symbolic than Real?’ (2012) 12 International Criminal Law Review 871-903
  • ‘Locating Group Homes and the Planning Law Process’ in A Hudson (ed) New Perspectives on Property Law, Human Rights and the Family Home, (Cavendish Publishing, 2004) 159-183
  • (with John Lowry) ‘The Continuing Value of Relief for Directors' Breach of Duty’ (2003) 66 Modern Law Review 195-223
  • (with John Lowry) ‘Excuses’ in P Birks and A Pretto (eds), Breach of Trust, (Hart Publishing, 2002) 269-297
  • (with Teresa Sutton) ‘The Human Rights Act 1998 and Private Property Rights in the Context of Community Care’ in A Garwood-Gowers, J Tingle and T Lewis (eds), Healthcare: The Impact of the Human Rights Act 1998 (Cavendish 2001) 201-215
  • (with Teresa Sutton) ‘Who's Afraid of the Neighbours?’ in E Cooke (ed), Modern Studies in Property Law Volume 1 (Hart Publishing, 2001) 133-148
  • (with John Lowry) The No Conflict - No Profit Rules and the Corporate Fiduciary: Challenging the Orthodoxy of Absolutism’ [2000] Journal of Business Law 122-144


Mr Edmunds welcomes proposals for postgraduate supervision in land law, director’s fiduciary duties, and the rights of victims to participate at the ICC.

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