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Is Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend parliament legal?


After the Scottish and English judiciary came to conflicting outcomes on the prorogation of parliament, Professor of Law Sionaidh Douglas-Scott speaks with the Financial Times to discuss the court’s involvement in Boris Johnson’s suspension of parliament. “I don’t think it’s completely in accordance with history that Johnson has prorogued parliament in order to bring forward a new session. The reasons given are not the normal reasons given to suspend parliament.” On the Scottish court’s decision Professor Douglas-Scott said: “The courts are going to be involved where there are legal issues at stake. There were legal issues at stake as to whether the Government could start Brexit negotiations. That’s not a matter of interfering in politics that was simply a legal question because it was a matter of the determination of all EU legal rights that would be at stake if Britain leaves the EU. I think that established good reason why the court should be involved.”

Listen to the podcast here.



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