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School of Law

Rafael Leal-Arcas invited to speak on a new architecture for the global climate change agenda at New York University


Dr Rafael Leal-Arcas has been invited to speak at The School of Law at New York University, USA on how to move forward the global climate change agenda. The presentation will argue that the Kyoto Protocol to the 1992 Framework Convention on Climate Change was doomed to fail ab initio. Dr Rafael Leal-Arcas will explain why this is the case by analysing the Kyoto Protocol's shortcomings and deficiencies. Moving the climate change agenda forward multilaterally among 193 parties to the Kyoto Protocol is proving to be a serious challenge. The lack of progress in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) negotiations in recent years, especially the failure to obtain an international agreement on emissions limitations targets and timetables by all major developed and developing country emitters, has led many to question whether the UNFCCC is, in fact, the best and most effective forum for mobilizing a global response to climate change. The current approach to negotiating a comprehensive, universal, and legally binding global agreement on climate change is unlikely to succeed.



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